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I am seeing the results of cirrhosis up-front and personal these days. I am here to tell you that if your doctor says "no more alcohol", I strongly suggest that you NOT drink one more drop! Both people involved have struggled with cirrhosis for over 5 yrs., and both seem to think that they can still drink alcohol. They justify it by saying that "one drink won't hurt", or "I am feeling pretty good these days, certainly my liver is healthy again!" This is just not so. Both controlled their drinking for a year or two after their diagnosis of ESLD, but then they both went back to their old ways. Both are suffering so badly now and there is a multi-system break down. It is NOT pretty. Neither one will make it another year I'm afraid. If ever you think for one minute that you can drink alcohol after a diagnosis of cirrhosis - no matter what stage, think again, because you will not win this. You will not beat cirrhosis. And both these people are not eligible for a liver transplant because of heart and kidney failure. My message is an important one. If you want to live, and you want to live without suffering immensely, you must do everything in your power to leave alcohol forever.
Your liver has a chance to recuperate some if you don't continue to assault it with alcohol. If you continue to drink, your disease will progress.

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