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I am writing to hopefully alleviate your worries. Except for your gallbladder issues, I had flashbacks when reading your post. I had a large hemangioma removed from my liver 6 months ago. It was diagnosed after abnormal blood tests revealing high liver enzymes and it was caused by 20 years of taking birth control pills. The waiting for the doctors to figure out what was going on was the worst. For one weekend while I awaited my MRI results, I was sure I was going to die of liver cancer. So after a years worth of ultrasounds, MRI's, a biopsy and being referred to a liver transplant surgeon, I was finally able to deal with the problem.

Looking back I wish I'd known a few things to start out:

1. Liver cancer is almost always a secondary cancer from somewhere else in the body per my GI.
2. Don't google medical sites. Stick to forums like this one it just causes more stress seeing the worst cases, trying to decipher medical terminology and trying to diagnose yourself.
3. There is nothing you can do to make the diagnosis come any faster.
4. There is a blood test they can do that will let you doctor know if you have any cancer markers. I had this 3 months in and it helped me feel better once I got the results but I was not happy that we couldn't have run this test at the beginning.
4. Surgery is not as scary as having to keep re-testing every 3-6 months to see what changed.

The good news is while the surgery was not easy, its over now and I have an excellent prognosis. I would be happy to answer any questions.

I wish you the best and hope you are feeling better soon!

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