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In 1996 I had my GB out. A year after that my health declined rapidly. Over the years I have been diagnosed with a myriad of conditions; everything from Lyme disease to Epstein-Barr and a lot more. After 20 years of not being able to get well, I asked a new autoimmune specialist I am seeing to please run an autoimmune panel. What came back positive was the Mitochondrial serum and titers. Titer levels were 1:80. I have had liver issues for years. Pain in upper right quadrant, terrible digestive issues, gas and bloating 24/7 up high, (in the middle, under breasts), tachycardia, which stems from eating (cleared by the cardilogist), pale stool off and on, adrenal fatigue, diarrhea at times, hair falling out, vasal vagal reaction when bloated, lipoatrophy on face, unable to detoxify, edema in legs, and recently developed orthostatic intolerance, which I read can be linked to PBC. Everything I eat makes me sick to my stomach and I am down to only a hanful of foods I can eat and I even react to those. I eat gluten, dairy, sugar, soy and corn free. I also eat low carb and low fat, trying to give my liver a break. I have lost 62 pounds in four months.

A couple of months back I had an abdominal ultrasound with my former gastro, which showed mild heterogeneous fatty liver along with a supposed probable, benign grown on my right kidney. Liver enzymes and bilirubin are normal. My question is, when the AMA/Mito tests come back positive, is it definitively PBC? I read that 85% of PBC'ers have the positive Mito tests. I just want to be sure I go in with a clear head and with all the knowledge I can to my hew gastro, because I don't want to be blown off by another doctor. Gastro I saw late last year blew me off saying my ultrasound was normal and that there was nothing wrong with me. Clearly he was wrong. Thanks for any input.

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