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Hi, YaYagirl

You really don't know how appreciative I am that you took the time to respond and are concerned. It means a lot to me, thank you so much <3

Well, I'm certainly better than the night I ended up at the hospital, so that's a plus. But I feel like not that strong of a wind could just push me right over. I'm trying, but with my anxiety being high and not under's hard.

It's upsetting when you see results and sometimes don't understand what they mean, but your doctor is obviously busy and can't talk to you. Like today, my doctor posted my latest labs and the ultrasound results to MyChart. When she called me the other night bc her nurse was worried about me, she verbally told me that my LFs hadn't changed, but I can see they did. They are slightly more elevated, including the bilirubin.

ALT (15-78)
6/1/2015 (26), 5/1/17 (72), 7/3 (82), 7/6 (89)

AST (9-44)
6/1/2015 (22), 5/1/17 (45), 7/3 (47), 7/6 (50)

ALP (33-127)
6/1/2015 (94), 5/1/17 (90), 7/3 (81), 7/6 (82)

Total Bilirubin (0.0-1.2)
6/1/2015 (1.3), 5/1/17 (1.1), 7/3 (1.3) 7/6 (1.5)

It's very, VERY scary to me that they went up, even a little. I know it doesn't mean I'm in immediate danger. I know that. I can at least be rational about that part.

She made a note that the gallstones may be the cause of the elevated values, but based on what I read, it seems more likely not being that the ALP isn't elevated and there were no signs of cholecystitis on the ultrasound.

I am a "planner" in daily life. I have been since I was a kid. Short term, long term doesn't matter. My mind is always thinking of a plan (and plan B, and plan C).

My mind isn't thinking about today. My mind is going to next year, 5 yrs, 10 yrs. I know that if I do have NASH, it's not an immediate threat today, but it's the future that is truly terrifying me right now bc unlike NAFLD, you can't reverse NASH. You can only hope it doesn't progress, or progresses slowly.

My undergrad and grad schooling was all bio, anatomy, phys, micro, etc. I know enough to read and understand the medical articles. I wish I didn't. It's not helping at all, but yet I'm compelled to read them.

I've barely read anything in the last few days, but the mental damage was already done. The info is already now in my head. And because of my anxiety, which is far from being under control, I just keep fixating and then I get so worked up.

NAFLD is not ideal, but I know that you can pretty much turn it around with losing weight and a healthy diet (which I already started), but it's the NASH version of it that terrifies me.

You said you have NASH. You have that for sure, rather than "just" NAFLD?

Can I ask if you had a biopsy or one of those special scans to confirm you did have NASH? How long ago? How are your liver tests? Is your case one of slow fibrosis progression? (You can answer me in private message if you'd rather not post it in public.)

I'm afraid to go on a board specifically for NASH. I got a glimpse of some posts when I first started reading all about this last week. No doubt, I'd end up back at the hospital.

I hope I'm not being annoying or a pain, and ofc you're not obligated to continue talking to me, but it has been comforting to talk to another person about the issue who has been there herself.

Thanks :)

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