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Hello. Iíve been battling feeling under the weather since December (cough, pneumonia, now sinus infection for 2 full months). My doctor suspected silent reflux and sent me for a barium x-ray and abdominal ultrasound. I was expecting them to find reflux, but in fact the reflux test was normal and my liver did NOT look normal. They suspect ďmildĒ fatty liver but there was scary wording about not being able to rule out ďpathologyĒ - I donít know if this is standard wording or what but I guess the likelihood of the findings is that I have a fatty liver. I donít even know how this is diagnosed for sure but I see my doctor Wednesday and I imagine she will check my enzymes. I am really confused about how I could have developed this problem. I am female, 35, 5í9 and 180 lbs, so while I am a bit overweight itís just barely - i am a US size 8/10. I donít have a ton of fat around my abdomen (some, I suppose, but nothing crazy). I barely drink, just wine maximum once a week. I am vegan and have been vegetarian most of my life. I do eat some junk food (chips, fries, dark chocolate) but nowhere near daily, and I believe that although I could up the veggies a bit, I eat a lot of them, plus lots of whole grains. For protein I eat tofu and legumes. I am not a fan of sugar and consume very little of it. I drank heavily binge drank off and on in my early-mid 20s but not since. I have been sedentary this year more than usual due to being ill with other things and subsequently depressed. I am going to be making a concerted effort to cut out all alcohol and junk food and get back to my almost daily exercise, even if my head is still full of snot. I wonder now if thereís a correlation between these respiratory issues Iíve been having and my apparently bad liver. I also have had a facial rash for 2 years and my derm canít figure it out (lupus and autoimmune tests were negative). Iím told fatty liver is reversible, but I am still really worried and just feeling sorry for myself. Thereís a lot to scary information on the web (NASH, cancer, etc). I donít know how I got into this mess. It seems like I live a healthier lifestyle than half the people I know who are just fine. I never considered myself unhealthy. There is no history of liver problems in my family. I am shocked and sad today. Thanks for reading.
[QUOTE=JohnR41;5486259]They [B]suspect[/B] "mild" fatty liver? Did they actually use the word "suspect"? So they don't even know for sure that you have it?

Well, even if you do have mild fatty liver, it can easily be corrected with the steps you are planning to take. You can do it; no problem.

As far as "pathology," just because they can't rule something out it doesn't mean that you have it. Just forget about that; eat your healthy diet and be happy.

P.S. I'm a vegan too but I never eat any soy or products made from soy, like tofu. I just don't trust soy because I have read a lot of bad things about it. Sure, it's high in protein but I get more than enough protein from beans, lentils, green peas, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

For one thing, I read that soy contains a substance that mimics estrogen. Do you need more estrogen? You might try doing some research on that.[/QUOTE]

Hi, thank you for your reply. They said ďpresumed,Ē which while not definite seems like thatís what they think it is. I guess I need a blood test.

I do eat tofu, and a lot of brown rice and brown rice wraps, quinoa pasta, etc. I guess I should cut back on that. I may reintroduce some healthier fish and cut back on grains and tofu. I would like to lose 20 lbs, maybe that will help as well.

Trying not to feel too discouraged. Itís been a long year of health issues and this was just the icing on the cake. Perhaps itís better to know because it may be contributing to my suddenly getting sick so often.

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