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[QUOTE=crisma]Did your GI have any ideas on what this could be? I know how scary this stuff is and will be thinking of you! Good luck![/QUOTE]

My GI doctor told me it could be a number of things like some kind of liver disease, autoimune liver disease and left it at that and of course that in itself makes me nervous. I was told that the colonoscopy and endosocpy would be done next Thursday but I found out today that they had a problem scheduling my MRI Utra sound with and without contrast so the doctors office told me that it might be done on November 1st. Naturally, I told them I didn't want to wait that long because my liver enzymes are still too high and I now hurt on both sides. My GI Doctor doesn't come in on Fridays so they had to call him. The office called back and told me that the doctor wants the MRI Ultra sound done before he'll do the colonoscopy etc. So to make a long story short, the office got a hold of a MRI specialist who might be able to get me in next Tuesday or Wednesday morning and if so the GI Doctor will do his procedures on Thursday Morning. I'm sure he has some reason why he insists on having the Ultra sound done before the rest of the tests. The pain is getting worse. I brought some of my office work home to do this weekend since it looks like I'll be missing some time from the office and maybe that will help me to concentrate on something else for awhile if the pain will back off and my mind will let go of it for awhile.

Thanks for writting and take care of yourself

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