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Pricha 2 wrote:

Can anyone help me with more information on Toxic encephalopathy???

[B]-Is this a progressive thing? I read encephalopathy could get as severe as putting him in a coma.... What are the dangerous amonia levels?
There are 4 stages of encephalopathy.
0-Minimal, no noticeable changes
1- Lack of awareness, impaired addition/subtraction, insomnia, mild confusion, sleep reversal.
2- Lethargy, Disorientation, slurred speech, deficits in ability to perform mental tasks, disorientation to time.
3- Somnolent, unable to perform mental tasks,marked confusion, amnesia,rage, incomprehensible speech.
4- Coma

[B]-What are the progressive signs to watch out for?[/B]
(see above) Mostly confusion.

[B]-Is the damage caused by this permanent?[/B]
No. It is completely reverseable once the cause is eliminated.

[B]-Is this the result of the damage to the liver or blocked portal vein (or both)? Will it cause more damage to the liver?[/B]
encephalopathy is damage to the brain and not the liver. So it in of itself does not cause damage to the liver. But is a very serious consequence of liver damage. Toxins back into the blood and settle in the brain.

[B]-Would anything like a liver cleanse (read about on the board) help this? What about diet?[/B]
Diet can help. If a person has encephalopathy they must cut down on animal protein. Since it is believed that animal protein breaks down into ammonia in the blood.

[B]-Could certain medications induce this?[/B]
Most likely not in a patient with cirrhosis. But lactolose is the normal medication to help the symptoms. About 1to2 tablespoons every four hours.

[B]-Would this impact his transplant chances?[/B]
Yes and no. It depends on the patient and how far advanced the encephalopathy. Many patients die from encephalopathy (a result of cirrhosis) and not the cirrhosis itself.


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