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50 really isn't too high--normal ranges are:
AST- 5-40
ALT- 5-60 (some say 5-56)

I'm assuming the 50 is your AST... Viruses,colds, flu,infections, anything you eat, drink, breathe,any meds you take can and will elevate your enzymes. Sometimes to 2 or 3 x their normal levels. I understand why you're alarmed, but stress will make your #'s go up too. Notice a pattern here--almost anything can make your #'s elevate...) The term "coarse liver" is foriegn to me--and I'm guessing you've checked the internet for a definition...Did you ask your doctor what s/he meant by this? Liver sites say fatty liver shouldn't hurt or be painful, and my liver spec and transplant dr's told me that too. If your liver is enlarged you'll feel bloated...but you really need to talk to your dr if yours is hurting or go to the ER.
Take care--HappyElf

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