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Hi Again,

It's Sunday, and I guess I'm just stressing out about this whole thing. I'm sure everyone starts reevaluating their lives once something like this presents itself. I'm already trying to decide whether this is something I want to deal with while living with someone I've been married to for 11 years - not very happily.

He doesn't seem to recognize that I'm in pain, in fear, in anger, and maybe a little bit of denial. He actually gets an attitude when I tell him that support for me at this time is not sticking your head in the door and asking if I'm okay every twenty minutes. He then goes into his computer room and disappears for an hour or two. Then he says that he does it because I act like I don't want him around. Well, hell, I don't when he's not even capable of trying to understand what I'm going through.

He blames me for every shortcoming his has. He says it's my fault that he's not more affectionate, when in fact, the stories his family has told me proves he's always been this way.

So, you can see why I may have to leave if I do have this disease, because I'm not sure I want to or should be around so much stress and lack of emotional support.

Hell, because of this, I may very well leave anyway.


[QUOTE=happyelf]You're welcome-!! I know how scary it is--been there. I know you want to figure all of this out as soon as you can, but try not to read too much on the internet--it will scare the crap out of you! As the info you got from your bloodwork is overwhelming-so the the internet info on liver enzymes. Stess will make your #'s go up also. I know--it's like, "great, I'm freaked out abt high numbers, but stress can make them go up even more!! Now what?" It's hard to do, but try and relax--and stay away fromt he net until you talk to your dr!
Yes- you have to keep up with your vitamins. Based on what you take and why your dr will have to determine if they are a contributing factor. Bless you for having 3 c-sections!! Compared to that, this is nothing!! LOL I have 3 kids-2 are twins- each was 6 + lbs and 8 wks early. Mine were not c-section tho-you gals that do that then come home to take care of the baby are my heros!! :-)[/QUOTE]

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