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Hi, Iím new to this board so bare with me. I went to my Dr. last week for blood tests for an undiagnosed ongoing swelling in one ankle (ongoing meaning itís been swollen-ish for 5 years). When my tests came back 2 of my LFTs were mildly elevatedóALT 65 & ALP (Alkaline Phosphotase) 133. According to my dr.ís ranges normal for these are 0-37 ALT and 39-117 ALP. My other liver enzymes were okayóAST okay, bilirubin ok, and albumin okay.

Needless to say, however, after doing online research, Iím worried thereís something serious going on. I know it could be other things, but my brain wonít turn off enough to let me rest easy for the three weeks until further tests. I guess Iím most concerned about Hepatitis (A, B, or C). I thought I was completely low risk for these since Iíve never had a blood transfusion or shared needles. Iíve just read that Hep C can remain dormant for years and years, though, and now Iím worried about my tattoo that I got 13 years ago (the place advertised as using special autoclave sterilization because in 1993 HIV was the big concern.) So, I guess Iím just looking for more info. Does anyone know if I would really feel healthy for 13 years if I had chronic hepatitis?

I looked back at blood tests I had done in 2001 and my ranges for all of my LFTs were normalóbut websites say that these can be normal even in unhealthy livers.

I should also say that Iím female, 31, and generally healthy besides being prob. abt 30 pounds overweight, and I would consider myself a slightly less than moderate drinker. I will go for months without drinking sometimes, but Iíll occasionally have a beer nightly after work for a few days in a row, and I sometimes have about 4 drinks (wine, beer) on the weekends.

On the Monday before my bloodtests (which were the next day) I took 2 aspirin tablets because of the pain in my leg.

Any adviceóshould I get a Hep test for peace of mind or should I wait? My doctor wonít talk to me on the phone (Iíd have to make a special appointment) so all the information Iíve gotten is from a nurse who wonít really say ANYTHING.

Thanks, and Iíve been reading peopleís posts and I just want to say that I appreciate that there is a forum for advice and supportóthatís really helpful!

P.S. sorry about starting a new thread if that's frowned upon--I just didn't know what to do.

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