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Re: Liver Disease??
Sep 20, 2005
[QUOTE=stud50]Wow, sorry to hear about your condition. I can see why you are confused since your blood tests have shown normal enzyme levels for such a long period of time and yet you managed to develop cirrossis. In reality cirrossis is just scar tissue which replaces the normal healthy liver tissue and structure. When enough scar tissue develops and replaces normal tissue, the liver cannot keep up with the demand that your body places upon it everyday and your enzymes will begin to rise. It is possible for this process to occur very slowly as not to elevate your enzymes until there is not enough healthy liver tissue left to keep up with normal liver function and your enzymes will have no choice but to elevate.

The only way to reveal this slow and stealthy degeneration is a liver biopsy (unfortunately). The question for you is: Did you have any liver biopsies from 1990 to 2002? These would likely have revealed the problem sooner.

By the way, you sure are on a lot of anti-rejection drugs. These too can be hard on you liver since they must be metabolized. Are you still on Prograf, cell cept and Immuran because your doctor suspects rejection? Have you always been on this regement? For comparison, I take only 1mg prograf twice a day for my transplant. Have you considered another doctor's opinion about your condition?[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the reply Stud50, Actually Im on Prograf-12MG a day, 6 in the morning and six at night. I originally was on Cyclosporine but he changed me to prograf because he said it would treat inflammation better, but I thought 12mg a day was a real high doasge, I guess I was right, your only on 2mg a day?? wow. Im 15 years out and on 12mg. Before the episode I had in 2002, I never had a biopsy. Now I have them every year. I used to take 150mg of sandimmune, 5mg of prednisone, and Bactrim for the liver. Now I have to take Prograf-cellcept-prednisone-immuran-bactrim for the liver. I'm so sick of taking so many pills. So I have a few questions, how possibly could have this occured?? how advanced is stage4 cirrohsis??. I have thought alot about getting another doctor's opinion. But where can I go?? a regular hospital?? am I looking for a GI doctor or a hepatologist?? I also want to have a biospy by another doctor as well to see. But I don't know how to do this. I've never gone anywhere else. Shane

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