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GINA: I sincerely love you. I am practically crying from your reply. You definitely brought my spirits up and my hopes up. I now understand exactly what you are saying and that info makes me feel much better. Unfortunately from the stress and lack of sleep I have seemed to develop a cold(minor throat irritation and stuffy/runny nose). Its not too bad, but It made me a little upset as I am hoping that this cold does not throw off my LFT this Thursday. Any comments or ideas on that? I have not taken any loratabs or xanex for almost a week and cut back on any supplements, I'm only having real food. I wanted to go Thursday feeling "clean" I hope this cold doesn't do nothing or isn't a sign of something. I am also taking some advil to help me feel better :( which I hope doesn't cause my levels to go up too. My anxiety and OCD really come out right now. I forgot to mention I suffer from anxiety and OCD. Definitely a struggle right now, but with family and people like you I can say I am doing pretty darn good. I just have to believe I am HEALTHY even if my liver is a little out of whack right now or something I have been consuming is hurting it. It could be alot worse. When I got the news about two months back of my negative results and extremely better ALT count(330 to 90) I was on a high. I felt so good these last two months. Its amazing how powerful your mind is and when I got this little bit of bad news I suddenly seem not healthy in my mind, WEIRD! I am glad you are doing good Gina. Just out of curiosity what condition of the liver do you suffer from to cause your high enzyme count?? I look forward to your next reply, words of wisdom, and words of hope. You are great!!


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