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Sounds like youre doing the right thing now, going to a specialist. AIH is a diagnosis that is somewhat difficult to make because the criteria are not clear cut (they base the diagnosis on a point scale that determines really how likely it is you have it). My hepatologist also mentioned that with AIH you usually dont see fluctuations in ALT, just a steady rise. I guess they will rule out the metabolic problems like Wilson's disease and hemocromatosis? These are pretty easy to check for, as for the former they will probably check blood ceruloplasmin levels and do a 24 hour copper urine test, and for the latter they will check your ferritin levels. If these dont check out, I'd say dont rule out a viral syndrome altogether, since your symptoms dont necessarily have to be systemic. Best of luck and hope we hear something conclusive.

[QUOTE=Mikej2000]Well i've done alot of reading since I made my last post on some of the conditions people mentioned. I guess I am more worried now.... one of the articles I read said that high ALT numbers prove there is a liver problem it's just a question of which problem. If that is so, then if my doc says i don't have fatty liver, cancer, hepatitis or cirrohsis, and I don't have any symptoms (i.e. mono or viral type symptoms), then what the heck can it be? I read up on some of these other conditions (i.e. Wilsons disease, AIH, etc.) and those don't really seem to fit either. I don't take meds or drink and not overweight so there is no "lifestyle" modification I can make. Arrrggghhh, I almost wish my ultrasound would have came back with fatty liver or something, at least I would have a clue of what to do....

Has anyone had this problem before? :eek:[/QUOTE]

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