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Hi Marirose; I'm sorry to hear of your father's declining health-it must be a very difficult time for you and your family. He's in my prayers.
I can imagine how scared your brother is...fear makes us unreasonable sometimes, doesn't it? But he'll come around--maybe seeing some posts here will help him rationalize his fears. Hang in there--you're a good sister and he's lucky to have you.

You're right-you can't feel pain in your liver. When the liver gets enlarged, you feel fullness, but not pain. When my liver failed, my enzymes were in the 3000/7000 range--it was enlarged for 2 mos after--still I had no pain, just pressure and fullness causing mild discomfort. My liver regenerated itself totally, so it can be done. It depends on your health in general, family history etc. I was 40 when mine failed, and after being on the transplant list, I was removed, and so far so good. Meds and alcohol(and some times food and exercise) can elevate liver enzymes. Usually when a liver panel comes back higher than the normal range, they usually have you stop taking all non-essential-for-life meds, cut out alcohol consumption and retest labs in abt 4wks. Usually the labs come back lower--if not all the way down.(Basically they are looking for them to trend back down--even if they are not all the way back down to "normal range.") If the #'s come back higher than the previous lab, they'll do an ultrasound and investigate futher.
Many times it's just fatty liver--which is very normal and common-esp among those who drink. That is reversible with a healthy diet and exercise plan--sometimes it can be reversed in as little as 8 weeks--usually they say w/in a few mos. My understanding is while you can't reverse cirrhosis, d/c'ing alcohol consumption will stop/slow progression. My situation was not caused by alcohol so what I learned I picked up during my course of treatment (a LOT of listening to the N-ICU and transplant team) and while researching my condition. I drank a lot while in college, and moderately until abt 5 yrs ago when I had twins. (Now if I drink 1x a week I'm bragging!! LOL)
I hope that helped you, (and made sense-I get going and, whew...babble on and on... ;) ) even if only a little bit. If I can answer anything else for you, feel free to ask. Gina
Hiya Marirose, i suffer from NASH (Non Alcoholic Steato Hepatitis) Liver pains are incredibly painful (like most organ pains). Dieting is a big part aswell as the Alcohol consumption, in food parts avoiding fatty foods is a must (Cheese, Pork, etc.) As the damaged liver cells caused by the Alcohol struggle to digest the fat as it is tough to break down anyway.

Maybe your brother needs a bit of a reality check, Is your brother on Anti-depressants? Because as Alcohol is an anti depressant itself the two can cause problems.

Good luck with the future.

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