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what would cause high pespin enzymes? as far as what i've read its good to have, as it helps digest
well heres the dillio!

nothing was found in the ultrasound. I asked what enzymes were high and she told me my alt ggt were what was elevated and she basically explained that if i had been drinking much over the holidays thats what would have elevated it.

so now im just confused as to what the pain is from. its still persistant and the only other thing i can think of is GERD. but i don't have hurtburn. arghh, i was excited to know nothing was detected but also dissapointed as to not having any solutions.

any idea?
i have no back pains or anything.

the anxiety has lessened and i think it was just because i didnt know what was wrong. now they have done ultrasound and found nothing and i STILL don't know whats wrong. maybe the doctor is right, maybe its muscle tissue and its knoted from stress. i don't know what because im very peaceful but who knows. it could also be my position, seeing as the pain started right after i started my desk job of sitting down 8 hours a day and then driving for 1 hour a day, and then sitting at home on my computer afterwards.

as i said, walking/jogging basically anything physical helps reduce the pain, as well as lying down which really makes me thing that the pressure is just from no stretching my body enough. what do u do for a living? how old are you?

what enzymes were tested high?
Nick,,,Sorry I thought you had said your enzymes were high. There is no vaccination for Hepatitis. And describing how you said it felt swollen under your rib cage,,,,that sounded like it was swollen so not sure whats going on and it could very well be gallstones. I would be careful about doing any kind of flush unless advised by your dr. My neighbor tried one of those on her own and got very sick...
Here ya go,,,,,this is what you said,,,,,,,"I asked what enzymes were high and she told me my alt ggt were what was elevated "

The alt is your liver enzyme,,,,Do you drink quite a bit because it would take more then a weekend to raise your alt. Whenever that is high,,,that means that something is working on the liver,,,,Most common is drinking,,,fatty which has been ruled out by ultra or hepatitis....
Fatty liver would have been detected on the ultrasound as well as any abnormalities. Alcohol, drugs (even over the counter) can all raise liver enzymes---if you were drinking over the holidays that could raise the levels.

My liver enzymes were TRIPLE what the high normal was. I was puking, sick and felt totally exhausted ALL the time. Once I got them down (from diet, no alcohol, no medication), I was fine. Enzymes in your liver, stomach or anywhere can go up and down everyday. If he thought they were THAT bad, I'm sure you'd be doing some more testing.

If Gaviscon helped and helps with the burping too, it is probably GERD. Just continue to take it for awhile to give your stomach a rest from all the acid. Then wean yourself off and see how you feel then. The reason you're probably "arting" as my 5 year old says is because you're keeping the acids below the esophagus and into the stomach and it's probably pushing stuff downwards instead of upwards. Like I always say---better out than in (in some cases anyway...)

Trust me, I've been to about 42 Drs in the past 12 years and that's all they would tell you to do with GERD symptoms in the beginning. If it becomes bothersome or worse, that's when you head back to the Drs and tell them the over the counter stuff isn't working.
Nick,,,,I would hope that your dr would want to check in more if your liver enzymes were high but guess you never know. Ultra sound would show fatty liver but that would be it,,,,not hepatitis because with hep sometimes you could have for years and no damage at all. You need to take the test but best idea,,,,call your drs office and tell the nurse,,,to pull your labs and write the numbers down so you will have and we all will know exactly where you stand before we try to diagnose you over the net lol

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