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I guess I worded that wrong. You can't walk into a Dr's office and state you want a biopsy of your liver without the Dr having any prior knowledge of your liver state. They aren't just going to order a liver biopsy without knowing if you have a problem with your liver. Biopsies can kill you, so they have to have a reason to go in and do one. From what I was told from several liver specialists across the country, there is no way your liver can be damaged without it showing up in your liver enzyme panel--that is how your liver is functioning. Your bilirubin and liver enzyme panel are going to be elevated with any malfunction in your liver. Even taking over the counter Tylenol and cold medicines up your enzymes showing a change in the cells of your liver. And that was true in my case---fatty liver showed elevated enzymes and coincided with the ultrasound and ct scan. But I had to do everything in the Drs order so that my insurance would cover the cost of the tests. I went in with pain in my lower rib cage, bloodwork showed elevated enzymes, then for ultrasound and then for ct scan.

I was diagnosed with fatty liver---I had triple high enzymes, numerous ultrasounds and ct scans showing fatty infiltration of the liver and I denied the biopsy. That was 15 years ago. I now liver flush and have no trace of elevated enzymes, they in fact are half of the normal range and no fatty liver.
So a deterioration was cured by a home remedy, whodathunkit?

I would have to think if the original poster walked into the Drs office and demanded a liver biopsy because he/she had some pain in their rib cage, he/she would have to get bloodwork and go from there. That's why I suggested a liver function test to him/her. If that comes back normal, then he/she should go back and then pursue further testing if the pain is lingering. These are just suggestions I have given the poster to make it easier on their life since I've lived it myself for many years. I didn't have the internet and any way to ask questions before I embarked the long and tiresome journey. Have a nice day.

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