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Has he had his kidneys looked at? Urine test, scan of the kidneys, etc. If urine is dark, why would they look at the liver?

If he had fever and didn't drink enough--he might just have been dehydrated, thus the reason for the dark urine.

High levels of Dbile?? Do you mean bilirubin? That's from the liver--and means it's not functioning correctly, for whatever reason. Possibly even dehydration could cause a high bilirubin level, I'm not sure. High bilirubin causes jaundice--but you need to find out why he's getting the high bilirubin. When you go back ask the Dr. if it could be caused from dehydration.

Your last line made me chuckle to myself----I have a very hard time trusting any Dr's. When it comes to my health, I'm gonna read, research and do whatever it takes to make myself feel better. I think everybody should walk into a Drs office at least knowing where your organs are and how they function. The internet is a great place for support also.

Let us know how your friend is feeling and what happens with his appt.

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