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If the radiologist didn't mark anything as being a substantial sized stone, then all you have probably is small ones that should pass easily---especially if you've been softening them with malic acid. There have been people that have passed very large stones without problems---that's what that terrible ES is for. To open those ducts so that the stones pass through. And even though it's AWFUL, AWFUL stuff, make sure you take those last 2 doses in the morning, because you don't want these stones laying dormant in your colon throwing off toxins. That's what makes you feel sick. When you hear the word "stone" you're thinking of some hard aquarium stone like thing---thye're not hard at all---they're soft and squishy.

EVERYBODY has stones. Some people have pain, some don't. I never had pain either. They're made up of cholesterol and bile---and everybody has those two things. Dr's push for surgery because that's all they know, that's how they make their money, not by pushing $1.49 container of ES and a couple of grapefruits.

I never tasted the ES beforehand---I just chugged it with my nose squeezed shut as fast as I could. I just wanted to get on with the flush and would do or take anything to help myself. Think Survivor when they're eating fish eyes and cow dung---then ES isn't so bad (although it's REAL close) :)

Good luck to you on Friday--we'll be thinkin' aboutcha.

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