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Mildly elevated ALT
Aug 24, 2006
I'm 19, and I had a test two weeks ago because I was going to go on the drug Lamisil, which can cause liver damage - so my doctor wanted a baseline.

When the results came back, my results were slightly elevated (110, high end of normal range is 60). The tests were repeated three days later and it had gone down to 90, and the test also didn't show positive for any hepatic/autoimmune diseases.

My doctor said he didn't know what it could be, and wanted to do another test in 3 months.

I didn't have anything to drink 3 months prior to the test, and I only have one sexual partner. I did however read that exercise can temporarily raise ALT levels, and I worked out the night before both tests - though I don't know how much of an elevation is normal for vigorous exercise.

My doctor advised me not to drink alcohol until I have the test again, so as not to skew the results.

Well, I just got back to college and that is a slightly hard thing to do. I don't tend to overdo it (4-5 beers over the course of a night, once or twice a week).

My question is, how long before the test can I drink (in moderation) and not have the results effected by the alcohol? I do not think the elevation has anything to do with drinking problems, as I only started drinking last school year - and only very occasionally, and before the elevated test I had not had a drink in 3 months (summer).

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