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Thank you all so much for your helpful replies and kind words!! [i]Marcia[/i]--youre right we have talked before, I recognized your name immediately & its great to see you again!! How have you been? Your son? I hope all is well! [i]Daniel[/i]--I had heard the same as you, that MRI is very accurate, but I wasnt sure if it was the same for seeing if or what problems there are with a Liver. [i]Elev8ted[/i]---please let us know how your MRI went, and if the results were any clearer for you---I really hope it comes through for you and helps!

About the tests and why I wondered, well, I had heard of the risks with Biopsy, so I was hoping I wouldnt have to do that unless necessary. I have been struggling lately to find out what is wrong with me, since I have been having some symptoms I cant explain. I have been getting very tired lately which seems like it just sneaks up on me, and usually around the same time I almost always get this strange rash--or some kind of "mottled, splotchy" marks--on the underside of my arms, near the bicep, elbow, and underside of my forearms. Also the veins in those areas seem to kind of darken and become visible, whereas they usually are not dark or even visible in some of them. When these episodes happen, its almost as if I feel like I have a sudden flu, where you feel exhausted and your eyes feel heavy, even twitching. About the same time, I can see the rash/marks under my arms, and it is freaking me out because I cant find out the reason why.

I have had some high Liver enzymes in the past, and was told I had a fatty liver, but my last few blood labs were normal and I stopped taking milk thistle. In trying to find out what else it could be, I thought I recently found out the answer: I found out last week that I have another Blood Clot in my left SC vein, exactly the same spot as before, only this time it is not completely blocking the vein. My Primary Dr. told me that this could be the reason for these symptoms, and I felt relieved at least knowing what it was. However when I went to the Vascular surgeon, he told me that the rash/purpleish marks wouldnt be on both arms from a blood clot only the arm with the clot, and that my sudden exhaustion shouldnt be from a blood clot, either.

If that is true, I feel like I am back at square one and thought maybe the other possibility is that it could be the Liver, despite the normal bloodwork...? The only other remote possibility I can come up with, is that I had recently had my teeth cleaned, and the dentist told me I had some bacteria under my gums. Since this can be released into your bloodstream during a teeth cleaning, I thought perhaps it could be affecting the spot where the blood clot is, or my liver if there were something wrong with it. Of course thats just guessing, but thats all I can do at this point until I find out why I have been having these symptoms.

So I think I will ask my Primary the next time I go, if I can get an MRI & an Ultrasound of my Liver/Kidneys, to try and eliminate them as a possibility. Im not sure what else to think, or what else it could be, which is why I wondered which Liver test would be the most accurate. Ive only had the bloodwork, so Im hoping to get a better test, soon. Sorry this turned out so long, I guess I am getting tired and didnt notice, hehe.

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