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Re: Liver Tumor?
Mar 22, 2007
Hey Lizzy,

Was this your biliary ducts that were tight? Did they do a blood test called Mitochondrial (M2) Antibody? I would be really curious on how the AMA blood test would come out. What is your protime? Just wondering since your alks and biliburium is high. How is your cholestrol?

Your symptoms sound a lot like mine, but I have no gallbladder issues. At least the doctors haven't gone that way--still looking at the liver and bile ducts for me.

Take care,


[QUOTE=lizzy876;2866390]What you described sounds like me a gallstone blockage, or having to do with the gallbladder. Although I just went through every test in the book in regards to my liver but no tumors were found.
My symptoms after I had a gallbladder removed were as followed- ( I ended up in the hospital for a week again)

1. High Liver Enzyme count
2. High Biliburium - My eyes were turning yellow
3. Very dark colored urine- it went from dark yellow to amber colored
4. I got full very quickly and felt like I was not digesting anything thus made me run to vomit
5. A sharp pain in between my rib cage that radiated around to my back and under right shoulder blade.
6. Hot and cold flashes
7. I could pass stools but they were small and not normal. Almost like I was constipated.

The doctor told me to watch what I eat, low fat diet, he said he thinks my liver counts and such were high because of a blocked duct from a gallstone- and the bile had no where to go. They think I passed the stone as they couldnt find any in my tubes. They did say I had a very tight duct that was hard to get through.[/QUOTE]

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