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[quote]Thanks for the great info about Milk Thistle. I'd never heard of it before. I'm seeing my doc next week so I'll discuss it with him and get my enzymes tested then.[/quote]

Absolutely. Some doctors can be a little iffy about it because it's not a synthetic, but I can say for sure it worked well for me and I've been taking it ever since.

[quote]I'm not thrilled to hear your pain lasted 4 months. Ouch! I've only had the stabbing kind of pain, not the sunburn type you described. Did your pain radiate up into your shoulder? Or around into your back?[/quote]

Both, yes. Mind you, I had similar symptoms when I was having a gall bladder attack (when I still had one too). Phantom pains post gall bladder removal are not uncommon, but when your liver is inflamed, it rubs on other things too. There's also a theory in pain displacement as well where you experience pain in regions other than those directly affected.

Now I don't know about any of that but I can say for sure that I did experience pain just as you described and still do on occasion. Liver disease takes a loooooooooooooong time to get over sadly, but that's also a good thing because it teaches and forces you into new, healthy habits for your body. (because the experience is such a poor one!).

[quote]Was it worse when you took a deep breath? Mine is and I'm thinking it's because the diaphragm is pressing on the liver when I inhale deeply.[/quote]

Absolutely. Inflamed liver is definitely tender, even at rest. Move other stuff around in your tummy and you really notice the discomfort.

[quote]Also, you mentioned you had a cyst in your liver too. Did your docs think this made things worse? Do you know what causes that? And can the cyst develop into something worse that I should be worried about?[/quote]

The doctors indicated that the Cyst puts extra stress on your liver and interferes with the function somewhat, so yeah, it can be partly to blame.

That said, my cyst turned out to be a fatty deposit, which is common with people who have a fatty infiltration of the liver.

The chances of a cyst turning into something else is something I am personally not aware of. When I had my CTs done, my doctors just wanted to confirm it was fat and once they'd done that, they didn't seem to worry about it anymore.

[quote]I really appreciate your patience with all my questions. Thanks.[/quote]

Anytime hun. I know how it is when you go through these kinds of things because it's downright scary and the information out there and online is sketchy. It can go into the medical detail quite heavily, but doesn't give you much in the way of treatment that definitive or gives you that little ray of sunshine you need to make it through another day.

I was in your boat about 9 months back. Scared and afraid and dealing with a lot of sickness that made you feel yuck pretty much all day, every day. Coming here at least and chatting to people who'd been through it gave me the hope and motivation I needed to start moving in the right direction and keep me going.

I will say right now it does take time and each person is definitely different, so there's no specific timeframe involved. For me, it's been NINE MONTHS and I've still got niggles (I feel about 85% well), but it gets less each day and I feel like I'm recovering well. I still avoid the fatty foods and sugars (as I feel crap after eating them) and exercise regularly where I can. I find as long as I am distracted doing something else I don't even notice my liver and that's a pretty big leap from where I was even 3 months back.

But as with all things, people here are only moral support and part of the equation. You need to ensure that whilst we can give you the friendly hand and big hugs you need, you really need to also focus on what the medical practitioners tell you. The tests can be exhausting and scary, but you have to do them just to ensure that you get better and nothing gets missed. You can't live without your liver hun, and it's imperitive you do everything you can to ensure you pull through this okay. You'd never live with yourself if you had something go wrong or get missed because you grew tired of the tests and didn't get them done.

Be strong. Stay positive and get motivated. I have never been more sick in my entire life than when my liver started to choke, but I pulled through and I'm getting stronger every day.

You will too, okay?


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