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I have had a little bit of nausea lately but no jaundice or anything. My tests came back with normal AST, ALT, Alk. Phos. etc. but my bilirubin was very elevated (7.2). Never has been before and one month ago, it was fine. They did an ultrasound and no gall bladder stones, or liver enlargement/abnomalities were found.

She also checked pancreatic function (lipase etc.) and direct bilirubin was normal at 0.3. So, no indication of bile duct blockage. I think the lab made a mistake on the bilirubin and typed in 7.2 instead of .72

Can total bilirubin be elevated that high with no indicated damage (Normal Alt/Ast) and normal direct bilirubin? Again total bilirubin was normal last month during normal checkup? Weird.

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