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Wanted to get some advice on this guys:

I'm a 32 year old male in relatively good shape. I used to do a modest amount of running and weight lifting but I sort of stopped the last few years. I would say I am in the "overweight" range but no wheres near obese. I'm about 230 lbs and 6'3" and have a fair amount of muscle but still a modest belly.

Anyhow I recently quit drinking because I woke up to the effects long term abuse on the body. It's been about 3 weeks since I stopped but I drank heavy for about 3 years and modest (about 1-2 a week) for about 7 years prior to that....

#1. I've had my blood test for everything from LFT to Kidneys to Pancrease twice and all normal. I had this done twice within a week apart.

#2. I was recenty diagnosed with Mild Fatty Infiltration of the Liver by means of an Ultrasound. The doctor said the ultrasound was not consistant with Cirrihrious nor did he think I had it. He freak me out though because he mentioned the word biopsy! He said another doctor could suggest it.

#3. I have had ongoing very very mild pains near or around my liver area. My liver didn't feel, show up, or look inflamed even though it sorta "felt" a little larger. It didn't hurt whatsoever for the doctor to push on anywhere in my abdomin. This pain comes and goes and most of the time never feel it at all.

#4. I've also had some minor "nausea" WITHOUT vomiting, fever, or anything else serious.

#5. My stool does look "lighter" but I dunno exactly what stool should look like... It is still brown and not grey or anything although it's a lighter brown.

I feel fantastic most of the time with no fatigue, no muscle waste, no itching, or anything like except for the nausea (toward the evening time when I drank).

Do you guys think I have Cirrhirious or anything perm damage? I mean wouldn't that show up on the Ultrasound or the LFT tests? I know you can have a Fatty Liver and Cirrihious but I'm just terrified right now I can't reverse what I did. Does Cirrihous show up on Ultrasound? Is it obvious?

I've completely changed my diet to fruits and veggies... am taking milk thistle,multivitamin without iron, and B complex with Vitamin C now.

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