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name is mike,im 31 years old,6 foot 4,and weigh 219.(although i was 230 about 2 months ago)
i did drink (mostly beer)on a regular basis,and i didnt eat very well.(tacos,hamburgers,etc.)
anyway,i think you see where im going with this so far.

right around new years i got a REALLY BAD stomach flu.i visited the toilet every 30 minutes or so for about 6 days,had bad stomach cramping,but hardly any vomiting.finally everything calmed down and i was back to normal.(although i gave it to my girlfriend after i was done with it.)

then about a week later the stomach cramps came back.(not in my liver area,but more in my intestine area,and stomach)i figured they would just go away but when they didnt i went to the doctor.(about 3 weeks later.)he ran a blood test for h. philory (spelling?)and that came back negative.although he said my alt enzymes were slightly high 51 (with 2-45 being normal)but everything else (including my ast's were normal)he cheked my b-12,folate,etc. and that was all normal as well.
so i went for an ultrasound and here is what my results stated.
gallbladder was normal:no evidence of stone,wall thickening,or pericholecystic fluid.the bile duct is normal.
the live is 15.1 cm in span.the liver shows generalized increased echogenicity.
no hepatic mass or biliary span.the portal vein is normal in size and portal venous flow is antegrade.the inferior vena cava and hepatic veins are ascites.
pancreas is normal
kidneys are normal
renal cortical thickness and echogenicity appear normal bilaterally.
no hydronephrosis,renal,orstone mass.
spleen is normal
generalized increased hepatic echogenicity is noted.this may be due to fatty hepatic mass or bliliary distention is seen.
the remainder of the scan is normal.

so what i think all that means(and what my doctor said) is that i do have simple fatty liver.he said to get my weight down to about 210,and to only have 2 drinks (alcohol)a day,but not every day.
he said due to the fact that my alt was slightly elevated and my ast's were fine that alcohol was not the main culprit in the fatty liver.(but it was more due to my weight and diet)i told him i had not had a beer in a month and he said"man you must have been really scared,fatty liver is common and you shouldnt worry to long as you cut back on the alcohol,and start a low saturated fat diet."he told me to come back in a year and not to stress over it.
oh and i also have some acid reflux so he gave me protonix and the upper stomach pains have went also starting to think the pains in the intestinal area and gas,and stress related.cuz the day i went to the doctor for the results i was nervous and my lower abdomen was killing me.

so what i have done so far now that i know is:
ride my bike everyday
buy foods either low in saturated fat,or none at all.
stock up on the fruits and vegtables
went from 230 to 219 in weight(as stated)

anyway,i just wanted to join the forum.i figure its a good place to get info.i looked all over the net and have learned alot,but i figured here i could actually interact with people.

so i guess my only questions are:
what should/shouldnt i eat?
and with simple non-alcoholic fatty liver is it ok to have a beer every once in a while?

thanks in advance.
Oh, I didn't mention your other question about what should you eat?

Well, I do know that homemade food is 100'x healthier for you than fast-food and processed food.

Just build your diet around fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, lots of water and make sure you get your protein and dairy that you need.
Eggs and whole-grain breads and cereals are healthy foods.
It really is a simple thing. Mostly common sense. If you just follow a few rules:

1. No fast food
2. Only eat home made food
3. eat fruits and veggies throughout the day
4. make water your main source of liquid intake
5. when you're in the grocery store look for healthy ingredients

hope this helps
(it's all just my opinion, I don't claim to be smart)

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