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hi again

juliet - please dont worry hun , it is a very lonely time i totally understand but remember we are all here to help where we can. My bp fell to 67/37 and my sugar levels fell to 1.7. to be honest i just felt like everything was kinda slow? the epidural was creeping up my chest instead of staying at my diaphram which was not helping my breathing. they reduced my epidural meds and pumped saline and some sort of orange liquid in me - sorry dont know name but i can find out. i do have a low bp anyway and it naturally slows down after surgery. once the epidural meds had been reduced and they gave me some sugar i perked up. i was asleep most of the time. you are not really aware of what is going on so please dont worry you will be in safe hands. i dont know what my bloods were like as i was told originally they were all fine.

beth- i too had intense itching with epidural - i have a lovely rash at the moment! shakes are a common side effect and it was quite hard to get the balance right as to where the block was. sometimes it crept up too high and other times i couldnt even wiggle my toes! - but hey no pain!! I had lots of anti sickness meds as im always sick with anesthetic - but i wasnt sick once. the last thing they want is for you to be sick and the nasal tube actually reduces the nausea - pls dont worry about this - that was my biggest fear before surgery as i thought i would be gagging but it was fine. i had lovely bed baths for the first 3 days and sunday(day5) once epidural and catheter was out i was able to get out of bed. some surgeons want you out sooner just depends if you can feel your legs. i did wear pressure stockings but obviously never worked on my one foot! the nurse said today the circulation should return but may not be back to normal until the summer! In hospital i slept loads and its quite uncontrolable but since i have been home i have managed to stay awake all day and get lots of nice sleep at night. i feel great today. the wound is sore but i feel brill. the worst thing is trapped wind pain and i still havent passed a number2!!(sorry to be gross). they are threatening me with laxatives now so i hope i go soon!!i really cannot believe i worried so much. all the "what ifs" . i dont know how old you or juliet are but im nearly 33 and the surgeon said age is on our side and the recovery rate is much quicker. i take 12 painkillers a day and 1 anti acid. can walk upstairs . My hubby has just washed my hair for me - feels so nice!!

please please try and stay positive. i cant stress enough how worry can make you more poorly. any questions pls just ask.


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