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Hello all...I have not had a BM yet and I have sent my mom to the drug store to see what we can do about this. I have been taking Collace, twice a day from day one, and still nothing, but it is time. This is going it be a fun day...I can tell. ;)
Oh Juliet, I am so sorry. We were all hoping you would come home with a date for surgery and a plan. I am so sorry you felt like you got the run around again. We have all been there and we all feel for you. I was really hoping your emotional roller coaster was over, bless you heart. I agree with Beth just need to see who you feel more comfortable with, talk to as many people as possible and understand, no one will know what yours is until they get in there, and for you, that means just taking it out. Also, I agree with your radiologist friend, my doc was having me do a lapabiopsy so he could take it out..he thought mine was an adenoma originally remember? Take a deep breath hon, we will help you sort this all out emotional if you want, but I think you will have to make the choice Nessie and Beth had to make and be in charge of you body. We will support you in whatever you choose and we are here for you.
Stacey, so glad you are feeling a little better. The hot green tea is good isn't it? I live on it through the winter. You sound like you are getting ready mentally for surgery. Nessie and I will both agree, it is really not that bad. You are drugged up enough to get through the rough spots and the other times you are just focused on getting better. The hardest part is getting to surgery day, so just take care of yourself this weekend. Please let us know if you have other questions or if we can help in any way.
granolawife, it sounds like you are in the same boat. I agree with you thinking that if one doctor says your nausea problems are due to the tumor growing where it should not be, well, take care of that issue first. If you are still having problems after your surgery, that explore more. It helps to be in charge of what is going on, doesn't it?, We are proud of you!
Nessie, so glad you are a busy lady once again, you are my hero today. I have a date with the bathroom today. :D And thank you for sharing about your numb area, it is a little scary feeling, isn't it, and yours is much bigger than mine.
Well, I best go, time to get going to my date. :D

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