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I was recently diagnosed with hemangiomas. They are not typically dangerous. My doc compaired them to blood blisters, or strawberry birthmarks. They are not malignant, and my doc wants to monitor me just to make sure they are not growing too quickly-my largest is about 1". About 20% of the population has them, but do not know it because they rarely have symptoms--they are usually found when doing other tests, as mine were. Unless they are causing you pain (which it seems yours are) it is nothing to worry about. My doc did not even order a further MRI (because of my age and history), and did not want to do a biopsy because it would just cause them to bleed. He ordered a follow up CT in 6 months and if everything looks fine, will probably do an annual CT just to monitor.

Try not to worry (I was panicking when my GP told me there were "spots" on my liver and didn't know what they were). If they are indeed hemangiomas, they have to be quite large or bothersome before they will remove them, and are really nothing to be too concerned about.

Take care.

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