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Hey gorgeous ladies, I'm having a terrible day so want so stay long as I don't want to pass on the vibes. Ashely, yep, I suffer from pretty bad nausea and am 'wasting away' apparently - according to everyone else anyway! Nessie had the same problem. Mine presses in close on the left side so that's why the dr says it's causing nausea and 'fullness'.
Sam, keep pushing mate, I feel your frustration - mine is at breaking point.
My surgery is now not for about 8 weeks because of an influx of cancer patients :( poor things and a worldwide shortage of clexane, a blood thinner that they use in major surgeries like ours. This sucks big time and the surgeon thinks I should go to melbourne possibly after all, because of they are worried about fibrolamellar hepatoma - he did say that 8 weeks won't make masses of difference which is why I can wait longer than some other people even if it is cancer - other cancers grow a lot faster i guess. He is the top surgeon here and his waiting list is 2 years, I found out from his receptionist today - I guess I'm lucky to be done in 8 weeks!!! I'm really resisting going to Melbourne for my surgery as I just don't want to and it's so far from home - although they're great at the transplant unit I just got bad vibes and I wouldn't be comfortable there. I found my tumour on the 28th Feb and it looks like it won't be operated on until June, I know that it's not long compared to a lot of you ladies. Nessie, how long was the process for you? Katie? But it sucks, I hate waiting. I'm off to have more liver enzyme tests tomorrow and that's another worry cause they're so high - the dr is even thinking maybe autoimmune hepatitis or some weird disease caused by cats (I mean, honestly!!!! You have to laugh). Some adenomas are hormone producing (didn't find that out until today) and that's they can cause nausea etc in some patients. I hope they can fit me in for surgery sooner - he did say that 8 weeks maximum but what if they suddenly push it back again? Uh.
Sorry about all the bad vibes, today sucked and I also found out that my dad has cancer (he was operated on a couple of months ago and they thought they got all of it but then found out that they hadn't) and he's probably not going to make it. He finally told me the whole story but I had to find it out from my mother who has known for weeks, unbelievable. No one else knows and he's not telling my sisters either - it seems so wrong to me. He's having another operation in a couple of weeks and after that, no more treatment. I wonder how long he'll live.
I'm sorry, sorry, sorry for being so negative. Please don't let me get you down. Today is not a good day. Talk tomorrow - you guys are so great x

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