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Hi all. Thanks for letting me whine a bit.

I am a 37 year old male. I drank oh, quite a bit in my earlier youth for about 5 years, off and on. I stopped drinking nearly 6 years ago, because an ER doc said if I didn't I would die young. Okay so I stopped. And haven't touched the stuff since.

Recently I took sick and used some OTC stuff but stupidly didn't STOP using it and had some period of inactivity, I'm usually a high energy type person who always has a min. of 10 projects going at once. (not including the kids).

Anyways, I stopped the OTC stuff but then my belly got kinda big and bloated and it was difficult to lay down flat at night or sleep on it like I usually do. (I'm skinny). It feels like I have to force breath in, plus my stomach does this pounding type deal that I can feel and see even. The bloated feeling is real bad, I feel like I"m having a baby. Which would be great I guess if I were a woman!

No, I'm not constipated.
Movements are unremarkable. I don't eat a lot of junk. I do drink coffee and smoke.

To top all that off I have MS which is recently flared up but not on any meds for that.

So off to the GI doc I go, who basically thought I was just stressed out from not working and had IBS. BM's are fine etc., peeing like a race horse. My first trip to urgent care and of course as soon as they hear "MS" they think "MS" and refer you to Neuro. Yeah yeah I know the drill.

GI doc sent me to Ultrasound, which I had already, and said "all looks okay" "but I'm not a doctor" in the next breath. Did get to see my bile duct which was clear and pretty.

Next week I get an upper GI. Then back to doc for follow up. I am currently on IBS med doxyclomine and he put me on anti-dep. so I can sleep at night. After my visit to neuro they gave me a script for flareup (Which showed on the MRI this week) some steroid Methylprednisolone whatever.

My labs were "fairly" unremarkable: (Of course I zeroed in on the ALT/AST etc. ) (These were non-fasting about 3 pm)

A/G ratio=1.3

All the above were within range.

The only ones out of range (Just barely) were
Carbon Dioxide (1 high at 33)
Monocytes (.1 high)
RDW (.1 high)

And the only truly "out of range" was Westergren Sed. rate at 16 mm/hr. (Range 0-9)

Hemogblobin, MCV, MCHC, Platelets, Eos, Basos, Glucose, Creatinine, BUN creatinine, RBC, all normal pegged mid-range.

I'm befuddled, follow up is next Friday but I'm dyin here, feeling like a bloated stuck pig. And it takes a lot to get me into the doc, let alone Urgent care plus Gastro plus workup plus UT plus Upper GI.

I desperately want to tell Gastro "duh, do you think I have portal hypertension or what", but then again I want them to be impartial in their diagnosis and maybe I'm wrong, it has happened!

I mean, can you see/feel portal hypertension? I mentioned the thumping part to the UT lady and she said I was just skinny that was my aorta etc.

I breathlessly await your comments lol.



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