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Hi My name is Tina and I am 34 years old. I have been on and off birth control pills and the depo shot for years. I had gall bladder symptoms and had a sonogram which showed at liver lesion. I was referred to the gastro doctor back in May. He did and endoscopy which showed nothing wrong with my stomach. Then he sent me for a CT with contrast that showed a 4cm lesion on the right lobe of my liver. They could not confirm diagnosis so they send me for the liver/spleen collied scan. After I left the hospital they called me and had me come back for another scan tomo liver scan that went all around my body and took 20 minutes. This was with contrast as well. The gastro referred me to a liver specialist who I saw a week ago. He said 80% chance surgery and he thought it to be a hepa adenoma. He wanted and Mri to be on the safe side. I saw him yesterday with my surgery scheduled for today and he said that after he looked over the mri with the radiologist they both agreed adenoma. When he got the typed report it said FNH. He was furious as he knows my emotions have been played with enough. So due my insurance arguing over what hospital they put surgery off until next Thursday the 26th. But some slim chance of the mri was sent to some of his colleagues for review that it is FNH. I do have some back pain that he thought was associated with it. My tumor is on the back of my liver making laproscopic surgery impossible. I agree that the mortality discussing floored me but my husband says we turn it around to 99% I will be fine. I do think this condition is more common than they think after reading all of your posts. I am a nervous wreck and had to go on anxiety medication. God bless it for being available. I have three children 15,10, and 4. I am a full-time student and do not work outside the home. I also go to school online. My daughter will turn 16 July 2 and I am said to not be able to spend her birthday how she wanted. :( You all have been an inspiration to me as well as a comfort and I feel blessed to have found this board. My thoughts and prayers are with you all in recovery and the ones of you that are approaching surgery dates. I do not plan to have more children and had to go off the pills immediately. I am with a liver specialist and they only preform these surgeries at St. Francis in Wichita, KS due to special equiptment. That is why I had trouble with insurance. I am in good health except I am over weight. The gall bladder will be taken out at the same time. I wish I could be strong like my Aunt was. My Aunt had a 9 hour surgery for breast masectomy and when she came out to us all crying she smiled and said does my hair look allright? She was strong and brave and I miss her as we lost her a year ago February. She was 76 and fought cancer twice. Two major surgeries. I know she is my guardian angel now. Anyway we need to be positive and strong for each other. Women can share such beautiful friendship without even meeting. I love that about us. Thank you all for sharing and I will try to teach someone to post for me. I want to give back and share my story. Prayers and Love for a speedy recovery to all.

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