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Hi leighnaj84... from what I've read and what my liver surgeon has told me, FNH's are not generally a problem in pregnancy unless they are very large and as long as your liver is otherwise normal. Apparently estrogen does not affect them, as it does adenomas, nor does the increase in blood volume that comes with pregnancy affect FNH's either, as it can with hemangiomas. Check with your doctor for his take on this.

I'm in the same boat with Linda as far as the pregnancy dreams go.... I'm 42, and if my tumors turn out to be adenomas, it looks like that will mean getting pregnant again will not be in the cards for me. At 42, I don't really have the luxury of time for surgery and the subsequent recovery before my fertile window closes for good.

My liver surgeon has told me that if the tumors are FNH, pregnancy would be fine. (I'm praying for FNH!) The timing of this whole thing for me is so weird, because I was just two weeks away from starting to try to get pregnant again, when my doctor did an U/S to check my gallbladder and found my tumors. I had just gone through all of my OB/GYN testing (which I passed with flying colors, hormones all normal, ovarian reserve excellent) - still make me want to cry!

Sometimes I wish I just didn't know about these tumors... but surely it's better to know, I guess. God must have a plan for me that's a little different than the one I was making. My husband and I are talking about adoption, but we're waiting to find out (either by another MRI with 1-hour delayed post-contrast images that are apparently good at determining whether tumors are FNH or adenoma) or my biopsy, if we decide to proceed with one.

I was on BCP for about 4 years from the age of 17-1/2 to about 21. Started and stopped them again a few times in my early 20's (just on them a few months each time). I had an U/S of my abdomen in my mid-20's for an unrelated reason, but the doctor didn't see any tumors back then. (That was about 17 years ago.) If they were there back then, perhaps they were very small, because my three small ones (less than 1 cm) still don't show up on U/S, only the one that measures about 3 cm shows up on U/S. I did have one IVF procedure so I don't know if that could have caused my tumors (or caused them to grow) and I also had a quadruplet pregnancy, and my estrogen levels were very high during that, so that could be the culprit too. I'll problaby never know.

I hate not knowing!

Hang in there everyone.


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