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there is a very direct possible brain issue with liver disease but it is normally seen in later stages of active liver disease.the ammonia levels. when there is an abnormal 'processing' going on within the liver,the protien that is normally broken down in the liver as ammonia is simply cleared normally. but when liver impairment is present,that normal processing of proiten and clearance of ammonia gets kind of screwed up and too much ammonia can get into the blood and it for some reason attaches very directly to brain cells. but his would be a more "clouded' thinking and change in mentation,but dizzyness could also be a possible symptom. but like i said,i do think you would be showing much more than 'just' vertigo or dizzyness if ammonia was the culprit. but your doc can test your ammonia levels in the blood very easily with one blood test just to make certain that there is a normal ammonia level in your blood and not too much. but to my knowledge,that realistically would be the only real connection there. your vertigo could also be a totally seperate issue too,you have to keep that also in mind.

i do agree that this DOES need much deeper investigation to find out just why your enzymes are all over the place. being great at one visit and then at another kind of way above the norm just is not normal and needs to have the reasons found out. there is just 'something' causing this that needs to be tracked back to the source,ya know what i mean? i would really see about getting referred to a good GI doc who would be able to give you much more solid info and also do specific types of testing on you too. have you ever had an actual ultrasound done on your liver just to actually "see' whats going on in there? this could reveal something that trust me,the bloodwork would not actually show til some levels of real damage hit a certain point into that threshold or perameters is hit. what will actually showup in plain bloodwork acan be insome cases a very different story than any real scan can show ytou. this is the way my liver and kidneys currently are from PKD that has also taken over my liver. very severe cystic formations that have greatly enlarged both my kidneys but all my labs are amazingly with all normal ranges and have never once been out of range ever in my life yet. i know that will change here once my damage reaches that 'magic' level,but for now,everything appears to still be functioning normally. asounding actually when you see what my ultrasounds show of them.

you just need someone other than your primary helping here in finding out the reasons for this up and down enzyme stuff. a good GI would be who i would be asking to be referred to at this point if this were me hon. you just really need to know why ya know? marcia

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