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Hello. I am new to posting on this board but have been going crazy trying to find out some information on a report I received via phone 2 days ago from my GI doctor. I had previously been diagnosed with a fatty liver (I do not drink, smoke, etc. and eat low fat foods) and they were just leaving that go. This was diagnosed after an MRI with contrast in Feb. 2008. Then I had another MRI in May and it showed a 1cm. lesion on my liver as well as the fatty liver. 3 months later, which was 2 weeks ago, I had an ultrasound with emphasis on liver, and they have now found a new lesion near my gallbladder. I believe the nurse said both of these are in the right quadrant. At any rate, I asked her specifically what these lesions were called and originally the one was a hemoangioma (I believe that is the right spelling) and if it had stayed the same size they would have probably just watched it - not to worry about it I was told. She now tells me the diagnosis reads that I have 2 [COLOR="red"][B]hypoechoic[/B][/COLOR] lesions on my liver and the 1 cm. is now 1.375 and she failed to tell me how big the other was. They were [I]very anxious [/I]to get me in to have a CT scan with contrast this coming week. I am VERY allergic to the iodine in iv contrast and had a super bad reaction before. Was told to NEVER take this again, even using the steroids they give people to make it not happen or supposedly not happen. I told her about the allergic reaction and she said she saw it in my records, but that she was sure the 3 steroids would keep it from happening. I agreed to have it done. After reading up on this procedure of steroid use for the CT scans however, I discovered a rather high ratio of times it does NOT help, especially if you've had a previous severe reaction to it, which I did. Now I CAN do the MRI as I have had 3 in the last year. Those are even getting scary with all the lawsuits out there, but I feel it should be okay if I need another as I'll have my kidney's tested first to be sure they are at 100%. To get to the point here, I called the doctor's office back (same day) and left a message for the nurse to please find an alternative imaging procedure. That I simply wasn't willing to risk a bad reaction, possibly even death, by taking the IV with iodine route. I mentioned the MRI and also that I would like the AFP test if possible to see if I have any cancer cells. The last time my SGPT was tested it had gone from 46 to 52 (in May) and I have no idea how high it is now. But as 0-40 is normal this is not good and of course I do have liver disease. I have also been having pain on both sides of my lower abs in ovarian area and much bloating in upper liver area as well as lower. I honestly look pregnant right now. I am 58 and well into menopause, but so bloated. In October of 2005 I did have a severe infection that they never knew where it originated, and I lost one fallopian tube, appendix and part of my large intestine after exploratory surgery. Doctor said I was a soupy mess. Kept getting misdiagnosed at the hospital and by doctors. Almost died that time. Shortly after getting released and coming home I had to go back in and I was reinfected (they pulled the drainage tube out too soon and the pus was re-entering my body) and have all the stitches removed. Then had to lie on my back for almost 2 months while I healed from the inside out- they couldn't sew me up. Sent me home opened up, just like right off the operating table. Had nurses coming in 2 times a day to change packing, etc. Well I really have never been the same since and the doctor left both my ovaries in (which I will NEVER understand and the one fallopian tube - wish he would have just taken all of that mess). I did have to have a blood transfusion but do not have hepatitis as was tested. I am very concerned about this fatty liver situation and now these 2 lesions. The 2nd lesion took about 2 months or possibly sooner to come on the liver. It was about 3 months from the MRI (in May) that I just had the ultrasound recently. I have been trying to find out exactly what the term [B][COLOR="Red"]hypoechoic[/COLOR][/B] means but really can't. I am experiencing pain with this and like I mentioned, the bloating. It's not high level pain but every once in awhile I get this aching pain. I thought I might have adhesions on my lower ovarian area due to the nature of previous surgery and it is still possible, but I am so sore down there. Can barely touch me without feeling discomfort. Can someone please help me with the term hypoechoic and can it be a cancerous lesion?? I do go see my OB-GYN this coming Monday. I am disgusted with my GI doctor as the office NEVER bothered to even reply to my message. I cannot believe he would do that! The nurse just called previous to my message (I had called and spoke with another nurse and told her my fears about the CT and so my doctor's nurse called me back) and told me she would be canceling the CT procedure and they would see me in 6 months for another ultrasound. VERY MEAN sounding. She was mad that I wouldn't take that CT. I mean, there is an MRI!! Which I had and why not do another? I do not want to wait 6 months when these lesions are coming on so fast. Or perhaps someone knows of some other test to try?? I am just praying this is not cancer, but I don't like the fact the original is getting larger and a new one has appeared so soon. Plus the pain and bloating. Do these usually need surgery to remove? I did just have a colonoscopy and it was perfect, which was a big relief. Also endoscopy in May and that was fine. Just showed some stomach lining inflamation, but he said nothing to worry about. I am sorry this is so long, but being the first time on here I wanted to try to give you all some history. By the way I am experiencing some splotching on my skin - back of legs and by my right breast and now by my waist. Looks like bruises almost but they are not - large and roundish. Just sort of started to happen and they keep coming. Had a punch biopsy on one and she said it was granuloma annulare, but I wonder if it's not my liver function? I have flushed red palms, was also getting nausea (that was actually the very first sympton about a year ago) but that finally let up, flushed face, headaches, etc. Weird stuff that comes and goes. Just like the bloating. Comes and goes. Hope to hear something back soon, before Monday. I have been reading all the information on these boards for some time but never thought I would be writing. I am scared as heck. Any help will be kindly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read all this. Linda

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