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Fatty Liver
Sep 24, 2008
I recently found out I have fatty liver. I'm very scared this could turn into something worse later on and I want to take care of it now and do whats best for a person with a compromised liver early on in life. I am 24 years old, female, 120lbs & 5'2", and I don't drink much at all (only on occasions) and no liver problems run in my family but high cholestrol does. My cholestrol levels aren't too high (just above normal for the bad one and the good one is ok), I try to eat well and eat a lot of organics (I do eat out here and there), but I don't get to exercise much since I work 40 hours a week. I also take Birth control (Cyclessa) and Xyzal & a Nasacort AQ for allergies and sometimes Motrin or Tylenol for headaches and body aches (maybe once or twice a week).

I found out I have this disease because I had been having gastrointestinal problems for weeks, it started out fairly quick (almost like flu) and my family doc thought it was gastroenteritis. My symptoms were diarrhea/loose stools, gassy stomach, nausea with no vomiting, dizziness (which I'm not sure if this could have been caused by my allergies & sinusitis) weight loss (from 128 to 120 in a week) and later on a slight discomfort under my right rib area. I was referred to a GI doc from my family doc who thought it could be my gallbladder causing this discomfort. I had a CT abdominal/pelvic scan and 2 abdominal ultrasounds, 2 stool sample tests (for occult blood, parasites and bacterial, etc), urine samples, and blood work done to see what could be causing my symptoms. At first they thought I had a 'birth mark' on my liver, but I had to go for a second ultrasound. In the end the CT and ultrasounds show I have fatty liver (not a bad case though) and my gallbladder, pancreas, spleen all checked out ok. Most of my symptoms have subsided, and my doc says it still be gastroenteritis or IBS, since I still have loose stools and stomach upset/gassy stomach here and there. My GI doc told me to take probiotics (Align capsules), and eat yogurt once daily. But its good we found my liver problem in the process of all this. Could my gastrointestinal symptoms that still occur be caused from my liver though?

Just wondering what medications I should stay away from (especially the things I'm currently taking?), What pain relivers are safe since I get headaches here and there (from stress at work or aches from standing 8 hours). or what medications/suppliments will help me, is milk thistle ok to take? Will Fish Oil help with cholesterol? What type of foods I should stay away from and what are good? Anything I should ask my doctors that I may have missed, how often should I check on my liver (have bloodwork or other testing to see if its gotten worse or better) they never told me anything about liver enzyme levels, should I be concerned? Doc's don't seem to explain much unless you know the right questions to ask when they're telling you your diagnosis, and I was so nervous I didn't ask much other than is this life threatening and what did he mean by 'fatty liver' and about having a child (since I don't have one yet). Since then I've searched online, but other people's experiences and information are very helpful! :D

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