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I had a what they believed to be a hemangioma and then two years later, I went in for a scan and had three spots on my liver, which included the hemangioma. The suspected hemangioma had doubled in size. My primary doc wasn't sure what was going on so he immediately sent me to a liver specialist. I flew to Dallas and saw a hepatologist and a liver surgeon. After an MRI with gadolinium and tumor markers, they determined that all three were hemangiomas. But they weren't sure why the one had grown. I was advised to go off birth control pills immediately.

I think it is important to see a liver specialist if you can. MRI's are more specific than CT's and can tell you exactly what is going on. If all of them are hemangiomas, then all you have to do is monitor them for growth. If they aren't causing pain, then the doc is most likely to have a wait and see approach. I had one of my hemangiomas grow right by my diaphragm. It grew from 2.5cm to 7cm and caused very intense shoulder pain. Then, it began to hurt to breathe. Because of its position and its growth, I had to get half of my liver (the right lobe) removed last December. I'm only 30 and I am doing extremely well. I still have the two hemangiomas remaining on my left lobe. For some reason, they never grew and have never caused any problems.

Hang in there and good luck. Let me know if you have any questions. All will be fine! There are plently of ladies on the FNH/Adenoma/Hemang. thread that have gone through all of this stuff!

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