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Hi , again ladies! I just wondered if any of you with hemangiomas are on the pill or depo shot or hormone replacement therapy?? Did any of you take them before you found out about the hemangioma. I just wondered if they stayed stable or if they grew or caused problems??

I have known about my 2.5 cm hemangioma for a few years. Birth control was not any issue because my uterus was removed 6 years ago. But now I have recurring ovarian cyst that cause pain and my new ob gyn wants me to take the pill. I have heard that is not safe with the hemangioma. The surgeon I saw about my fibrocystic breasts and papilloma said do not take them. My family doc isn't sure but does see a problem.

I had a ct scan in August due to abdominal pain and it only showed the one spot. In September I had to have another one and it shows 2 very small spots on my inferior part of the liver , they are unsure what they are from. The hemangioma is in the right lobe so I wonder if they are near each other. The doc wants me to wait until the first of the year to get a ct to look at them again, even though they are unsure what they are. Lately I have been having heartburn and a little discomfort , i had my gallbladder out a while back.

So now I am unsure what to do -- if I should go on the pill or not and weather or not I should try to find out what the new spots are. Any feedback would be great , thanks

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