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Your counts will very Ebonye. I had mine at 800 once also along with my mother has had her's 1000 before. Both her and I have gotten them down with just better diet. It will take a long time and most likely something you have had your whole life is my guess like my mother & I.

I went thru the Mayo Clinic twice for them do determine that I had N.A.S.H. and they did most of those test cgranulomatis discribes. But like I wrote will take the liver biopsy to determine it. They look to see how much scaring it has left behind in your cells. For me at the time I was 34 got real upset lilke it sounds you are.

The Mayo wanted me to join their study program at the time to be a ginny pig of sorts to test different drugs to see what might help. Is why I mentioned the Actigall is something at that time they were trying. They really wanted me to join as this NASH is something mostly obesse women get is what they told me and is rare for a man to have. So for me I said great never drank a drop or used any drugs in my life & I get a bad liver !!

The reason I didnt join the Mayo program to be tested is its a 2 year study and at the end of each two years you have to have another liver biopsy done. Which after having the first one I didnt think I wanted to more holes poked into it to retrive cell for testing.
Get use to having blood drawn if you want to keep watching what it does. Plus hope you have good insurance as the blood work sure adds up. Plus being studied you have to agree to plysebo pardon the spelling......where they give some of you sugar pills to see if its all in your head, to see what works or not. So didnt sound fun not knowing what you were taking plus maybe giving up time to really take something that would help. So im am kinda on their study..the guy choosing to do nothing and see if thats better. So far I have made it 14 years and im 48. But has dragged on me for years with the last doctor I saw there said when I left and never returned...a little upset I didnt join his study......I asked how long do you think I have..thinking it was bad, he said WEll you should make it to 50. So in two more year I will celebrate the guy was wrong !! But believe me their has been a few times I have thought...boy feeling so weak the darn guy is right !!

The best story is when I was there in the Mayo having my liver biopsy in the same recovery room was a lady that had returned for a check up who had been given a new liver is the last resort....She was a wonderful lady and said OH SON you have the best thing !! I said why is that......OH she have NO pain when your liver quits working you just fall into a comma and unless you get a new liver you dont wake back up. So I asked my Doctor that later. He said yes thats pretty much how it have about 8 hours so unless your pretty close to a major hospital its pretty unlikely unless you get on a waiting list for a new one. This lady was number 410th transplant at the time and she laughed......That she was lucky....number 409 the famous cleaning number didnt make it they tryed just a half of liver on her. So would be fun to know how many or what number they are up to now.

So hang in there you have a long ways til 50..... (ha) I would just suggest cutting down on the eating out seems to help me lower mine now & then. Plus I never take any kind of pill even if I have a bad headake as everything goes thru your liver to be filtered.

Best of Luck !!

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