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Re: Esld
Jan 21, 2009
[QUOTE=Donnalegal;3804449]hello all ,,
forgive me i am new to all of this ... my husband has end stage liver disease and i have so many questions .. also looking for some support .. he just spent 2 stays in icu with varcieal bleeds , he recvd a tips and is doing better as far as bleeding goes . However he already has encepholopathy , i want to know how much worse this will get since he has been tipped. Has anyone heard of pain in the shins, ankles, feet and legs , when i tell the gastro dr they look at me like i have a 3rd eye ... thanks for any answers i can get .. ;)[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="Blue"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Your post is older and has not been seen by me...sorry. I joined early this month. ELSD, does not mean your husband is necessarily going to die soon. I hope your husband is OK currently. What disease has put his liver in "end stage"? Is it cirrhosis, autoimmune,?
I went through this with my girlfriend years ago. His situation is not good. His pain in the ankles, feet, shin and legs could be [I]edema or swelling from fluids seeping in. Are his ankles swollen? Dr's. can be jerks, especially if they are ignorant of what you see and THEY see.
When I complain of symptoms, my Dr's. just say , "sorry, it is the course of your disease."
Your husbands symptoms are just that. They are what is expected. It doesn't sound good I know. I hate it when they tell me that.
Does your husband qualify to be on a transplant list? Ask what your husbands MELD score is. That determines whether he can be put on that list. I don't qualify because of co-morbid conditions. I compare your husbands disease to mine for you to know what to possibly expect. Also to know that what the are Dr's. telling you is legitimit.
I hope this response reaches you [/FONT][/COLOR]

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