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yes,your reading would be considered high or out of range. the norm range for the ALT(can also be called SGPT),which is a liver enzyme and indicator of liver function would be under <46 IU/L. was there any other labs that were out of range? are you having any symptoms? do you take any meds on a regular basis,espescially any containing tylenol? sometimes having 'just" the ALT out of the norm can be for alot of different reasons that really are not always related to the liver itself. certain meds can do this too. it is when your out of range ALT is also combined with other labs out of the norm that you really would need more in depth testing. but you do really need to find out the cause of that ALT being so high.

just so you know too,some labs don;t always use the very same parameters for what is or is not actually out of range. it all depends on what particular lab does in their own testing sometimes. it can be a bit different. thats why getting your own lab sheet that also always lists the normal ranges on it too,just for referance is always a good idea. hope this helped some. Marcia

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