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[QUOTE=jb00642;3844050]I know that no one can really tell me anything on a forum. But I was hoping maybe you could share your experience. I had my liver biopsy on Monday and it is now Friday, the doctor who did the biopsy said they would have the results by Wednesday, But they still do not have them. I am worried because it seems to me that if everything was okay, the results would of been back quick, but if they have to find out more, like what it is, it will take longer. Is this generally true. For those of you that have had biopsy, how long did it take to get the results? I am 38 year old female, I have had elevated alt/ast and alk phos since August. Running between 300 to 800. I had an U/S with doppler that showed an enlarged liver. I have had every hepatitis and autoimmune test done, every blood test for liver problems have come back normal. So I am concerned I have cirrhosis or even cancer. Except that it really doesn't seem possible that either of those could happen to ME. But I suppose everyone feels that way.
Thankyou for any answers you can help with,

P.S. I also had a normal MRCP no secretin was used.[/QUOTE]

Well I have had 4 liver biopsys in my life and it can be done in hours if rushed.I dont want to worry you buy they generally dont do a liver biopsy without some sort of evidence of a problem.But dont assume anything.I would suggest you go to a gastrointestinal doctor and follow up.

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