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Stages of Cirrhosis
Jun 12, 2001
Hi everyone.

Can anyone tell me what are the different stages of liver cirrhosis? I know that there is 4 stages, but I need to know what are the symptoms of each stage? Any info would be appreciated.
Melinda Biddle
I can answer some of these questions. There are 4 stages of cirrhosis. With 4th being the most severe.
No cirrhosis and hepatis are not the same thing..... Cirrhosis is actually liver damage, that is in most cases irreversable. Cirrhosis can be a result of any liver problem. These problems can include viral hepatitises, autoimmune hepatitis, pbc, psc, alcoholism, or any other disease or disorder that can harm the liver.

It does not matter how you got liver disease, if it was behavioral, or like PBC,PSC, or autoimmune hepatitis, a disorder that may be linked to genetics, or other factors, you may still end up with cirrhosis if the disease advances and the liver is damaged. Hope that helps.

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