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I know it scared me too..I cried myself to sleep every night when I found this out..I drank every night but only wine with dinner and sometimes a martini..I have only done this for about a year..before that i drank on weekends because of social gatherings. I am an athlete and workout and eat healthy all the time for years so i thought no way would the wine hurt me and i was always honest with my doc about it and he said it is an anti oxidants if you drink 2 drinks a night. plus my hubby and I make our own wine...boy was that a bunch of crap that i could have a drink or 2 at night, for me anyway..My Gastroenterolgist swears that my fatty liver is from the high cholesterol and high BP...I got a CT scan with the IV 3 weeks ago and saw that it said fatty liver and then went to a GI man last week..he thinks I am going to be fine and I will see him again next week...he sent me to have more blood work and he said he doubts it but there is a small chance that I may have to have a liver biopsy..but he thinks that from my history it is not from hepatitis and these tests will tell that..I was so scared and stopped alcohol altogether..I cried so much. I have not had a drink since last Monday and that was a glass of wine.

Try exercising and running and weight training it always helps with stress..I have to say that I had no problem stopping the alcohol..I love life and want to do everything I can to stay around for myself, my daughter and my hubby. Life is so much more important to me than a drink..Try O-douls..the GI did tell me that he did not want me to have any drinks until all these tests were over..No problem for me but I do not want to be told that I can never have a drink again in my life like on vacation or special one wants to hear that you are forbid to do what you want...please stop the drinking now and get your liver in shape you owe it to yourself..good luck and please keep me posted and I will also keep you posted..remember woman have less resistance to alcohol than they can drink way more than us and not get any of this..Lisa

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[This message has been edited by Moxie75 (edited 06-09-2003).]
Hi my name is Andy, i live in the Wolverhampton in the uk and have just been discharged from hospital after having a colonoscopy and an abdominal ultrasound scan. They have told me that amoungst other things that i have a fatty liver though i dont drink but only on special occasions and have not touched alcohol since early december 05, as i have read your other posts on this group i know that i share the same feelings of fear for what the future will bring, i have always thought i was quite healthy and dont eat rubbish food and im not over weight, freinds and family tell you not to worry but how do they know how it feels as its not them its effecting?
I have read that there are things you can do to help but i did speak to the doctor incharge of the ward asking if there was anything that i should avoid and and were there any life changes i should make and she said no? Not taking this lying down as it were i have sort help from the net to maybe talk to others that are going through the same thing and i hope that we can help each other through this!
Thanks for listening and i hope to tak more on this soon!
I also have a fatty liver. Last Dec. I found myself in the Er with URQ pain, severe vomiting and diarhea...I was one sick puppy. They did abdominal CTs and xrays thinking I had a "hot" gallbladder. The good ole dr walks in and wants to know how much I drink, I haven't had a drop in over 1o years, that's when he informed me about the fatty liver, but did not believe that was causing my pain. He then told me what to eat and not eat and told me to see a gastro dr for further tests. I was then scoped upper, lower and lower again, then more tests, then to the surgeon to have the gallbladder removed.(I had no stones) now this has been over a year and I was in the GPs office today and still have the pain under the right rib..options...back to gastro or the surgeon...neither sound good to me.
I was wondering if anyone had these strange symtoms...URQ pain and tenderness, extrene fullness after eating only a few bites, more frequeunt pain after eating? almost sounds like my gallbladder LOL! but that can't be...can it?
Now I'm wondering if this fatty liver is having its run on me now...sorry this is so long, just need some answers. Thanks :confused:

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