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I have had pain in my lower right ribs #10,11 & 12 for over five years. The pain started about 6 weeks after my open heart surgery. I haven't seen any listing except for gallbladder surgery which is similar. The pain is acute when Iím setting in certain seats such as a theater or at church. Driving is very painful so I use a 16 oz frozen water bottle between my back and the car seat. This helps some. Have had all the tests listed for men, but no answers. Have seen all the specialist and none have helped. Had over seven epidurals, no help. Latest experience is injecting liquid oxygen along the rib bones to kill the nerve and surrounding tissue. Worst pain I ever experienced but some relief. Take pain pills (too many) but that is all that helps. Stress seems to cause more pain but, while working (keeping my mind on my work) there is no pain. Told the DR. Iím nuts, but he would not agree. My history: Bullet wound to center of chest in 1966. Bullet went through kidney, liver and stomach, lost the left kidney. Open heart surgery 1999. Pain started 1999 and continues to this day. I firmly believe that the opening of the chest cavity caused my pain and if given the option of a life of pain I would have opted to not have the same type of surgery. The quality of life is less than expected. I donít know if this helps or if any others have experienced three ribs of pain. (rambling again because it hurts just to set here and write this). Have been off pain pills for nine days, but will get some more soon. Be very careful to not just quit pain medication. I have been off and on so many times I no longer get the depression associated with going cold turkey. Make sure your Dr. knows youíre cutting back or wanting to quit. The depression assocaited with "going cold turkey" can cause suicidal thoughts but I'm a Christian so thatís not an option. I only hope this pain will be of some use to someone, somewhere, sometime.
Oh, I thought I was the only one! I have had this sort of discomfort for like I think a year. I just went to my gyno for a general and found out I have fibroids and a thick uterine lining? Anyhow I explain that I have been feeling this dull pressure on my right lowe sometimes upper rib, like something pushing on the rib cage and it feels like there is something in there. But they assured me fibroids can't cause that? So I go to a GP and he feels there and send me for a Abdominal ultra (shows nothing) but during the wait I guess I got myself so nervous I got sick and wound up in the ER, they do blood work and the same ultra , it shows nothing. I go to a GI specialist who says I am not dying, he will do an endoscope, so I am on my way on Weds. for that. I have felt like what could be a lump and it is tender where the pressure is. It really bothers me when I am sitting, sometimes my back hurts. I had the test for the Gallbladder, HDIA scan, nothing it is working fine, I am also going for a colonoscopy on 8/16. I am scared shitless, which doesn't help my stomach either. I am just so glad to have found so many with similar symptoms. I thought I was crazy. :bouncing:

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