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[QUOTE=mommy5;3957805]I'm sorry you are scared hun! I am dealing with unknown liver/gallbladder issues right now and it is a bit scary. However, 2 years ago I had mildly elevated liver enzymes and they couldn't find anything wrong. I still believe it's my gallbladder but am waiting on the ultrasound results right now.

Were you still taking the Vicodin when the blood work was done? I assume that alone could raise your enzymes and chances are that after some time off of it they would return to normal.

I'm sorry I'm not much more help, just know you're not alone![/QUOTE]

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. Yes, I was on it when they did the initial bloodwork but I was on it when they did previous tests and results always came back ok. I don't know why I've tested different this time.The ultrasound is scheduled for the 24th of this month and the colonoscopy for the 24th of next month.

Why did you have your liver tested two years ago--did you have some kind of pain/symptoms? What prompted them to test you this time around? I'm in pain all the time but that's because of my back, sciatica of both legs and no new pain. Dr. simply decided to run bloodwork for my liver since he hadn't done so in a few years.

I'm sorry you find yourself going through this and hope they can soon determine the cause of the problem. Write back to me if you wish as I'm trying to come on here to learn by reading some of the threads.

I will add you to my nightly prayers.

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