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mrp7, I had tears in my eyes reading about your terrifying experience. It is a miracle you and your baby survived. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sure it still must be difficult for you to think of or talk about.
I can relate to your saying that you are a very, very anxious person. I am dreading the biopsy and I'm not even pregnant. You are stronger and a more brave woman than you give yourself credit for, for everything you have endured. Reading your post has given me some sense of what to expect during the biopsy, which does give me some peace of mind. It also give me insight on what the signs of trouble are.
I didn't realize they may take more than one sample. I also hope they will give me some sedation/anti-anxiety meds prior to the procedure. They have already found that I am anemic, and they are not sure what the cause of this is, so I really hope I don't lose much blood. I am scheduled for an EGD (upper GI endoscopy) and colonoscopy on the 29th to investigate the reason for the anemia and my pain in the right flank area/beneath my ribs. Like many others on this thread, my MD feels my 3.5 cm liver lesion could not be the cause of the "pokey" type pain.
Do you have to go for any follow up scans to check for any other liver lesions? I just did the math and realized you must be a week or so away from your due date!!! I don't know if this is your first child or not, but by now you must know that you can make it through ANYTHING and delivering this baby will be cake compared to what you've been through! Though there may be some pain, there is a beautiful prize waiting for you at the end! A prize that is that much more precious for surviving this experience with you.
I know you will be busy in the upcoming weeks-"nesting", going to appointments, making last minute arrangements, etc. But please, please make time for yourself to rest and relax. I will be thinking of you often so please post when you can!
Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your caring thoughts :) I had my MRI , they told me it would take 45 mins. but I was inside that tube 1hr. and 40 mins .I just kept telling myself they are getting alot of great images and I am going to get answers .
I picked up my results from the hospital and my doctor should have her copy Tuesday morning . I hope she calls me and does not make me wait until my presheduled appointment on June 1 st .
Summary of results :
At least 5 lesions within the liver .
Two lesions are seen in the lateral segment of the left hepatic lobe ,and two in right lobe and one at the hepatic dome .
Three of the lesions are FNH . . and 1.2 x 1.0 . No measurement on two of them ? The lesion on the inferior tip of my right lobe has the possiblity of adenoma :(
There is a 7 mm lesion on the lower pole of my right kidney , likely a mesenteric lymph node ?
Also , a centimeter nodule probably a lymph node in the right paracolic gutter .I did not even know I had a gutter ?
Oh yeah , there is also a 0.9 cm hemangioma in the lumbar vertebra .
I would have to say the Eovist was very complete .I have more info than I probably need . Yikes !
Anyone have any input on this interesting report ? I feel o.k about what I read . The spot on the left lobe has not grown ? But were all those spots there before and the contrast picked them up this time ? And what about that gutter problem or is it a problem ?
Thanks ,
My U/S on 4/09 showed 5 lesions in my liver- largest was 3.5cm. Radiologist thought adenoma, hemangioma, or metastasis.:eek: MRI with contrast 1 week later showed just the 3.5 cm lesion. Radiologist suggested fatty lesion.
Liver P.A. thought adenoma. Liver doc thought FNH, but said can't rule out cancer without biopsy, and urged me to get one ASAP, rather than wait another few months to re-scan. I agreed!
Nothing else is wrong with my liver as far as I know! Size and liver function blood tests are normal. No family history of liver problems or cancer of any kind. At least I have good genes on my side!:D As for the other 4 lesions seen on the U/S on 4/09, no one has seen them since. FYI: the term lesions can mean tumors(both benign and malignant), growths, spots, hemangiomas- different docs may use different terminology so it's confusing.
Thank you for the advice on ovarian cysts. From what I've heard from you and others that have had them, they are VERY painful. My "pain" is more like a stitch in my side or a crampy aching. Occasionally I will take Motrin for it, but its mostly just discomfort- not real pain. But I am having an internal uterine and ovarian U/S when I get my next period- kind of gross but they said that's the best time to do one.
I'm glad you aren't in any pain from your hemangioma. That may be a good sign that its not pressing on or invading any ducts. So remind me again what the plan is for you? Is it today you were seeing the liver doc?
I know it is very disturbing to have lesions, tumors anything growing in your vital organs.
The good news is yours is very small and you only have one --so bet lapriscopic will work for you. Look at Farmgrrl how quickly she is recovering. I have to admit while I am very scared of this surgery -invasive -painful aspects --I am relieved. I have had this over my head for 5 years. First doctor said if I was not in pain go home and forget about it. Was he ever wrong. The good news I am not in pain. The bad news- I am not in pain so lst liver doc wouldn't deal with me. I could have had this surgery 5 years ago when I was younger and more resilient and I would not have had all this horrid weight gain. The weight gain is so awful, uncomfortable it has impacted my life hugely and that is what I am most anxious to have fixed. Sort of like being pregant --your first time your scared but your so big and uncomfortable you don't care any more.
Let us know result of your doctor visit. If you are not comfortable with his answer go to another liver specialist. t
Hello Everyone!

These liver message boards are a god-send. I've been trying to find resources for adenomas and I'm not really coming up with much. I don't wish this on anyone but just knowing that others are going through similar situations makes me feel like I'm not going to lose my mind.

Anyways, here's my story: Had some weird symptoms in doc had me have a pelvic ultrasound and they also looked at areas other than my pelvis...they found multiple lesions on my liver and that's when I went to see a liver specialist...there are over 20 tumors growing on my liver...all different sizes but there was a 10cm one, 2 that were 8cm and another that was 6cm. I had a laparoscopic liver biopsy in August, then I got married 2 weeks later and went on a honeymoon. Came back and it was confirmed that they are adenomas. They did shrink a bit but not enough to where my doc felt they were safe. So, I just had another surgery to take a 6cm tumor from my left lobe. Basically, they took a wedge of the liver with the big tumor and grabbed whatever else they could with it. I will then have a portal vein embuluzation (spelling is off I know) where they will stick a needle in my abdomen to the vein that feeds the right side of my liver and deflate it and cut it off from blood flow. Then I will go back in to have the right lobe of my liver resected.

The symptoms I originally went in for are unrelated to the adenomas. I was living my life symtom free before all this and now i feel awful. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around: you feel awful, THEN you do something about it. My liver functioning and tests were all fine which is good. They said they wanted to do the operation because I was healthy and had a healthy liver which would make this all successful. I've always had difficult periods so I've been on BC for about 15 years. No more of that obviously. Condoms are great for honeymoons (please note the sarcasm). My liver surgeon told me I could not wait on this. He said they would eventually bleed because they hadn't shrunk to a normal size. I feel for all of you that had yours rupture. I can't imagine the pain.

As you can all imagine, I am less than happy about all this. I live in Boston so I have access to good care but there have been lots of problems and lots of unaswered questions. My belly looks like a pin cushion and I'm just basically "bleh". Here are the problems/issues I've been dealing with:

--I am eating less and not enjoying food. This is awful as I derive a lot of joy in life from food.
--No one knows if I'll be able to have children after all this. They most likely won't be able to get all the tumors through surgery. I don't want to go through all this if I can't have kids after. What is your experience with all this?
--I'm a week out from the hopsital and while I'm healing rather well, it really is awful to sit here and know I have to go and do it again so soon.
--I'm feeling unatractive. With all the lovely incisions and scars and sitting around in strectchy pants all day, I feel not so pretty. Once again, not how you want to start out a marriage.
--I haven't lost a goodamn pound--how is that possible? I'm not really looking to but I thought it might be an unavoidable bit of luck.
--Feeling pretty worthless/bored/sad because I haven't been working and don't have a whole lot to do. I hate having to make up things to do that don't need to be done. When did you feel like you wanted to go back to work?
--I have the numbing sensations in my stomach that most of you talked about. Does that feeling come back?
--Of course pain and acheness and trying to walk, blah, blah, blah
--Being a burden on friends and family that can't really understand what I'm going through
--Not drinking any alcohol. Not that this is awful but I'd like to have some wine with dinner or a beer sometimes.

So, that's my story. I'm wondering how long you were on pain meds from surgery for? I've been out of the hospital for a week but I'm trying to get a refill and they're acting like it will take an act of God to get this. Ah, the medical community,always looking out for the wellbeing of their patients. Also, I'm downing Ibuprofen like it's my job--is this bad for my liver? All I need is another liver problem!

I welcome any and all questions or comments. I'm so glad I stumbled on this community.

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