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sounds good, just push this doc to do the 'right things" for you if you have to. you DO have rights as a patient for "appropriate' care ya know? if he wont,go somewhere else.

with regards to those red dots? are they at all kind of 'raised up" off the skin a bit or just 'in/on' the skin like part of it kind of thing? do you have ANY of these anywhere besdies the trunk area like on your face anywhere? just knowing if these are indeed raised op off the skin AT ALL really would help to ID them better. there are what are called a "nevis" or a spider nevis too that have like tiny broken little cappillaries kind of surrounding the dots? these can be indicative of liver disease. these can also be called 'angiomas" too. these can actually be indicative of a couple of things or be a totally unrelated thing too. it all depends upon other possible factors here.

this one particular bright red 'dot' my son had appear on his upper cheek one day kind of right under his eye, we never really understood just what it actually was or why it could even be there at all. well, move ahead two years and seeing the GI doc at the childrens hospital who we had to see after my sons suprise liver failure culminated in whats called portal hypertension? he had actually vomited up alot of blood one day at school, right after he had also had what was supposed to be a 'full' sports physical by who had to be the most ignorant and stupid nurse practioner on the planet like less than a month before this even happened? but thats a whole other story. the thing here is, his 'new" GI doc from the U of MN who had come to childrens in st paul that day since the other doc we saw had run tests and found that there was absolutley no blood actually flowing thru his portal vein anymore and that he had some insane mutation of an actual kidney disease as well that supposedly was inherited from me or my hubby that we were told one of just HAD to have but we just did not know it either? that GI doc told me after, that she knew immediately without even looking at any of his actual test results that he did most definitely have a rather progressed form of actual liver disease that had closed off that P vein ONLY becasue she saw that bright red dot on his cheek. blew me away, let me tell ya.

but if the dots YOU have if only present on the trunk area are actually raised up and not into the skin itself and no noticable raise at all when you run a finger over them,this could mean that you may also have a somewhat weaker vessel structures too. since you DO have both kidney and livver issues going on, that NEED for that US is even more important just to really 'see' what could be in or on the kidneys and the liver too.

the type of kidney disease i have which my sister was also found to have after i told her she also needed an US to see if she had this inherited disease that we did NOT even have a freaking clue actually was even running in our family at all which is called polycystic kidney disease. the one thing that just comes along with even having this,among other things,is it makes us born with just naturally weaker vessel walls for some insane reason. i too have exactly what you described in various places on my front and sides on my trunk too. mine are all the raised up(very slightly) form of this stuff. these just can happen with weaker vessel walls. tiny cappillaries just break for whatever reason and create those tiny dots.

the bigger thing here right now for you would be to get in to see that doc and make him do the bloodwork on the liver AND kidneys and refer you for that badly needed US too. once you get just that stuff done at all it will really give you the best possible set of baseline info. any steps beyond that would kind of be dictated by what was or was not really found in there. the combo of bloodwork and the US really are the best types of tests to really 'look' at what needs to be evaluated at this point. given your ongoing symptoms here, i do think you have something going on in the kidneys and that liver too, just like i do. is there ANY family history that you are aware of that would indicate any kidney or liver problems? high blood pressure problems or even certain vascular problems or malformations like aneurysm? just things you need to look into here on the off chance this could be some type of a genetic or inherited type of thing. believe me,just the PKD that i have is a very very common type of kidney disease that even people with it do not have a clue til it has really progressed itself. some people will never have symptoms and some will have this progress to a larger degree too. its the mere fact that the functions will actually stay within all norms(mine still are despite major devistation going on with liver and kidneys right now) for a very long time so you just 'assume' everything is just fine. but looking at the actual organs with any type of scan really would most defintiely 'show' a very different type of picture going on in there. this is why BOTH blood work and the US are really what are needed to show the bigger piscture.

just get that appt and see what this doc decides to do for you. and always remember you do have other options as far as docs here too. good luck lynae, Marcia

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