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Crittel --

I'm curious if the doctor you're seeing is a specialist (i.e., gastroenterologist or hepatologist). Fatty liver (steatosis) or even an inflamed fatty liver (steatohepatitis) should cause little to no direct symptoms involving the liver other than a feeling of fullness under your ribcage and perhaps some tenderness. Other, indirect symptoms might include fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea or indigestion, but even then generally only if your liver is inflamed or the fatty liver deposits are severe enough to have caused fibrosis or some cirrhotic scarring. In fact, a recent case of mania (until it cropped up, I had no idea I had bipolar disorder, but that's for another forum) drove me to drink myself straight into the hospital to detox from alcohol, during which liver inflammation caused by my week-long binge was discovered using blood tests. Because I'm slightly obese and was previously a nightly drinker, I'd bet the rent I have fatty liver, so right now I'm likely in a phase of acute alcoholic steatohepatitis, and yet I have no symptoms whatsoever (other than my doctor being able to feel that my liver is slightly enlarged); I have no pain or tenderness, my appetite is good, my digestion is good, and my energy level is fine. And this is with my AST and ALT enzymes currently in the 400 and 500s!

Bottom line is that liver ailments can be notoriously difficult to detect owing to their tendency to be asymptomatic. In fact, if I (foolishly) decided to drink a six-pack of beer tonight, even though I'd be setting my liver back from healing itself, I'd notice no ill effects as a result (other than perhaps a hangover). The fact that eating a bit of the wrong food quickly gives you misery really makes me think there's something else going on besides fatty liver, as in some sort of gallbladder or bile duct ailment, or something else my layman's mind isn't aware of.

Don't get me wrong -- the diet and exercise regimen you are currently on sounds like it can do you nothing but good. But if I were you, I'd be asking for either a specialist or, if you're already seeing one, a second opinion.

My two cents, I am not a doctor nor do I play one on the Internet, etc., etc. Good fortune to you.

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