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To make a long story short, here is the jist if anybody would like to comment with a word of encouragement or even throw some fear in to me, am open to either. I have been taking the statin Mevacor for about 10 years, just recently 2 months ago was told my liver enzimes were at 54, Dr suspected it was my cholesterol pill but said to keep taking it. I decided on my own to stop taking it after I learned via google that it should really be in the mid 20`s. He had me take some more blood tests and this time would also check my bilirubin, well my liver enzimes went to 23 from 54, but my bilirubin was at 25. He told me not to worry but if I turned yellow to come and see him, mean while he is testing everything including cholesterol at the end of Feb. So was disappointede in the bilirubin at 25. Am certain that many of you here have far more real issues than I, so I count my blessings. I have had some yellow in my eyes for years, but not out of the ordinary apparently.

So I am off my cholesterol pill and we wait to see what happens. I do not eat red meat, eggs or cheese, I wonder if there is any diet I could try that might help reduce my bilirubin numbers? :wave:

I am Canadian, am wondering if US and Canadian labs use the same numbers? I know cholesterol numbers USA/CANADA make no sense. For bilirubin I find a lot of posts that say the safe levels are very low with decimal points. Mine is 25 he said it should be 22, I assume that 22 is high but just within high normal. Confused

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