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just what exactly ARE the liver labs looking like? when you stated 'constant"? just how long have they been this out of norm? the true 'dangers' are cell death, loss of certain functions more over time, and eventual liver failure more over time or at the very least severe impact if not treated or the true source OF(the underlying reason?) the actual raise in the hepatic labs is not found and treated appropriately.

if you have a copy of the lab sheet, could you please list what labs are out of range by the numbers and the name? if you do not actually have your very own copy of your lab sheet, get one and keep getting them from anyplace that simply would do labs on you. you just really do NEED the sheets for YOU to better see how your labs are 'trending" either upwards or back down again? you can simply get your own copy from any doc who ordered the tests. but i most certainly would start keeping ALL labs from here on out in one kind of a folder type thing? this is what i did with my son when he was in liver failure and i do with my ongoing monitoring labs too since i too have both a liver and a kidney disease.

does your doc actually have ANY real idea of just what is creating the higher than norm liver enzymes to even be this way yet? one really good test you just really do need and its one of the cheapest overall that really does give alot of good solid info is a simple ultrasound done on your abdominal area? these really do see alot more of the more specific types of things in a 'realtime' kind of way when they also use that doppler tool to check ALL blood flow thru very crucial areas? espescially that very important portal vein that just is in the liver that has to always be clear of obstruction.

this really would be something to just ask your doc to refer you for just to really 'see" that liver instead of 'only' relying upon labs that don't change until there just IS very real impact upon functions or actual damage that impacts functions. i have a yearly ultrasound to just monitor my kidneys and liver with my bloodwork being done about every six months. just actually 'seeing" that liver in its current state may actually show some type of abnormality that IS creating function impairment.

you just really DO NEED to find out what has created the out of norm labs here, and that would definitely include that look AT the organ itself to really get the whole bigger picture, trust me. also doing this with the whole 'abdominal order vs only "0just" the liver would also show in more detail other organs within that same area that are all kind of interconnected too? your gallbladder and the pancreas too can create liver enzyme issues too,depending. just see what you can get that doc to refer you for that really is needed right now.

please post your liver labs that are either out of the norm range or are even at the higher end of that norm range too? there should be all of the normal ratios wayy off to usually the far right on any lab sheet so you would be able to see that as far as where your labs are and what they should be within? the main ones that really need to be more closely looked at first are usually the ALT,AST,and the alkaline phosphatase levels? where is that alk phos at right now? there are of course others too that matter, but those three are the ones i always look at first for my son and my liver labs too.

you just really DO need alot of info right now about YOUR overall liver and your doc should just be helping with that much. that full abdominal US really would give him and you alot more info just doing it at all. you just need a solid reason here or true Dx of whats causing all this in you right now. i do wish you alot of luck with this. keepin mind that enzymes can go up and right back down for alot of different reasons. thats why 'seeing' it really just does help. please let us know what you find out hon, marcia

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